Weird Facebook realization/ newsfeed exercise

So there’s always a lot of talk these days about social media, etc… it’s evil/ it’s valuable!/ it’s terrible/ it’s great! Seems like many people want to cut back their use, but yet, it’s addicting. I am certainly guilty as charged, too- I feel like I still look at Facebook way more than I should, despite efforts to reel it…

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Goals, Life

Social Media Break

My #1 impression so far, after using probably 99% less social media this week than I have any week in the past 10+ years: The old adage is true. “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” (Lose it= the desire to use it.) I am quite honestly SHOCKED at how I feel about this whole experiment. Backing up a…

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Questioning yourself + avoiding distraction

I took this screenshot online yesterday from someone summarizing a passage from Nir Eyal’s Indistractible (a book I read last year and that I thought had many good tips on decreasing distraction). I remember thinking when I read it that what’s in the screenshot was one of my favorite take-aways. It’s not that we “can’t” do the so-called evil, time-wasting…

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Deep thoughts

Opinion overload

Happy Saturday morning! We are in for another bigger winter storm starting tonight through most of day tomorrow, so we are planning to hunker down later and probably not come out until tomorrow night sometime (if at all). I’ve heard the weather forecasters all warning that “travel on the roads is not recommended”, so we’ll happily heed that and snuggle…

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Habits, Life

Screens & vaccines

Morning! Now only 10 days until Christmas. My “favorite” part of the Christmas season has officially passed….I actually really love the time between ~Thanksgiving and right about now. Those early December days are the best, to me. Once we get into the final days leading up to the 24th, there’s always a sense of anxiety almost in the air to…

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