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2 Random Things on a Friday: a shrinking vacation window and social media

1. Vacation Thoughts I saw a post in a local Facebook group about our high school sports teams starting up practice this week. (So, very early in August.) This made me pause... We typically like to plan our bigger family trips in August, because it is normally our "free month". Asher's pretty intensive swim season… Continue reading 2 Random Things on a Friday: a shrinking vacation window and social media

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30 day challenges

So far, so good with my "March" challenge to limit social media to only 15 minutes per day. Besides using the timer, I'm not imposing any other limits of when I can use it. So, most days I end up checking facebook several times during the morning-early afternoon. And then I run out of time… Continue reading 30 day challenges

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Not my week/ March social media plans

This has just not been my week. I can't believe it's Friday already, but also am glad that it is. Monday- Tuesday were spent feeling crummy with my cold, which got significantly more unpleasant as Monday progressed. I've sneezed about 7,246 times this week. Tuesday I ended up logging off of work by 10 am… Continue reading Not my week/ March social media plans


Weird Facebook realization/ newsfeed exercise

So there's always a lot of talk these days about social media, etc... it's evil/ it's valuable!/ it's terrible/ it's great! Seems like many people want to cut back their use, but yet, it's addicting. I am certainly guilty as charged, too- I feel like I still look at Facebook way more than I should,… Continue reading Weird Facebook realization/ newsfeed exercise


Questioning yourself + avoiding distraction

I took this screenshot online yesterday from someone summarizing a passage from Nir Eyal's Indistractible (a book I read last year and that I thought had many good tips on decreasing distraction). I remember thinking when I read it that what's in the screenshot was one of my favorite take-aways. It's not that we "can't"… Continue reading Questioning yourself + avoiding distraction