Turkey Day 2021 Recap

I hope everyone had a great holiday, if you celebrated it! I can’t believe it’s already the Sunday of the long weekend. 😦 I wish I had a few more days.

We had a really nice Thanksgiving- small, quiet, intimate, and peaceful. Just the 4 of us + my parents. My Dad and I did most of the cooking, the boys made the apple pie and my Mom took charge of making the table look pretty (and helped the boys put up my lighted Christmas village in the sunroom). She also was our runner to the store for a couple things we forgot (before the stores closed!) and took the lead on all things “clean up” (thank God, because I was done after all the cooking, plus all the eating….😴).

I’ll just flip through some highlights:

Pie making:

We (mostly the boys) made apple pie. I ended up just buying a pre-made pumpkin pie and a wild berry pie (on a whim) Wednesday night. I didn’t think we’d really have time to make multiple pies, so I compromised and did homemade for apple, store bought for the others. (One could argue there is no need for 3 pies for 6 people, and that would be a great argument. 😉 Some people like pumpkin pie (Grandma, Asher) and others don’t, so I try to have a mix.)

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade:

I had the parade on all morning in the kitchen. 2nd pic shows my main “station”, at the red cutting board, right next to the TV. 🙂 It’s hard to tell in the picture, but it actually snowed a little bit on Thursday!! It felt like a nice late fall/ early winter day for Thanksgiving outside my window.

The boys watched the parade on and off too all morning, before disappearing somewhere with the iPad….I called them back to see the end when Santa arrived to close the show.


The boys played a few rounds of various board/card games, too, while we prepped the food.

(I squeezed a 20 minute LIT Cardio workout from Morning Meltdown in in the basement, between cooking and dinner, with a SHOWER in between there, too. We also Skyped with my sister and family in Ireland before her kids went to bed!)

Festive Table:

LOVE all the lights!!! They make me so happy. (See my childhood Christmas village in the background.)

Family Pictures!

Although we were starving by the time the food was ready, we took a few family pictures.

Unfortunately we didn’t have an extra person to take a whole group shot…I guess we could have tried a timer pic, but oh well! Ivan hates being in pictures anyway!! lol.


My friend’s roasting pan saved the day, and my Dad made a great looking turkey:

The Meal:

It’s always a little tricky to get and KEEP everything hot at the same time…. even though we didn’t have a huge crowd to serve! I’m honestly not sure how it works at homes that host humongous numbers of family members. This part always sort of confuses us. 🤣 Fortunately, most of our dishes could fit in the oven to stay warm, but it still always feels a little chaotic getting everything out and served while still hot!

This looks like a reasonable amount of food for 6 people. 😆
My (1st) plate. Unfortunately I’m only good for ~ 1 1/2 plates before I feel like I’m going to burst….but I definitely had leftovers the next day. And the next day.

The boys:

Drinking “Pomegranate 7up” in their wine glasses, a special winter version I saw in the store. 🙂

Gratitude Chain:

I pulled the big gratitude chain we made last year out of the box….I didn’t make everyone do that again this year, although really, I should have!! But after they finished eating, the boys read through them all which was nice. Pretty much all of them were still very relevant this year. 🙂

Asher reading some items from the gratitude chain.

Table shot:

The boys turned some classic Christmas tunes on in the background. The line between Thanksgiving and Christmas is definitely fuzzy around here, but that’s okay with me.


The pie had to WAIT until way later, after dinner….we were stuffed like turkeys. We watched A Boy Called Christmas on Netflix, which was actually perfect because I bought that book last December to read with the boys! So it was fun to now see the newly released movie.

Asher carved our last initial in (L), plus my parents’ last initial, for the “air holes” in the crust…ha.

Okay, here’s a shot with the cheap store bought pies, too, for full disclosure. lol!

literally just $4 grocery store pies…no shame here though. 🙂

THE END! It was a wonderful day. GRATEFUL for everything. ❤❤❤❤❤

3 thoughts on “Turkey Day 2021 Recap”

  1. The picture lounging on the floor with the fire on and Santa on the big screen – that looks like a perfect snapshot of Thanksgiving.
    No shame in store-bought pies at all! I jump on the convenience train whenever possible.
    Also, all the food just looks so, so yummy. And, leftovers are just the best. Some years I honestly enjoy the leftovers more than the first day (maybe because, as you noted, it’s hard to keep everything warm at the same time when you’re initially serving it up).
    Glad you had such a lovely Thanksgiving. We all need those special times with family and feasting and all the warm fuzzies – especially after the rollercoaster of emotions and isolation etc we’ve been feeling these last few years!


  2. That sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving day! I like smally, cozy gatherings. That’s what we will do for Christmas and I can’t wait. Thanksgiving had some nice aspects but overall was not my favorite holiday… I got a bad cold on Wednesday, Will had a fever all day on Thanksgiving and just wanted to be held – which wasn’t the worst thing since he’s not super cuddly anymore. But when everyone wants to hold the baby and interact w/ him, it’s bad timing to be sick. But Paul had a blast with his cousins and they were so great at including him! There were 18 of us at my parents so it as a FULL house.

    My mom is a pro at timing everything perfectly. She used to host her family for Thanksgiving when I was younger and we’d have upwards of 40 people over! But we had an extra oven in the basement so that helped. She’s good about using crock pots to cook some things, like the stuffing. I have only done small holidays and even that stresses me out so I don’t know how my mom pulls it off. But she is 1 of 8 kids and was born to entertain/host. My grandma was the same way so it’s in her genes!


  3. what a perfect thanksgiving! all those food look so yummy. loving the gratitude chain idea. 🙂 today I’ll ask the girls to write gratitude list for their advent activity of the day


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