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Happy Thanksgiving

In a perfect world, I would have some very cute and catchy Thanksgiving/ gratitude themed post prepped and ready to go today, since, you know, “Grateful Kae” and all…..gratitude is kind of my jam….and it’s THANKSgiving….

But, I don’t! 😆

I actually had not one single specific thing in mind to write this morning as I sat down. I’m just squeezing in a few minutes of solo time here with my tea, so you’re about to get a total improv post (which, honestly, 99% of my posts are, anyway).

My parents are in town and the cooking all needs to commence shortly. And of course, we’ll watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade on TV! We all love having that on in the background while we prep the food.

Friends save the day:

We had a minor disaster strike last night around 10 pm when my Dad suddenly realized that they forgot the turkey roasting pan!! At home- an hour and a half away. And I do not own a turkey roasting pan!! My Dad always brings the turkey and his pan, so I’ve never bought one. But today is Thanksgiving, which means all the stores are CLOSED. Yikes. Fortunately, he did NOT forget the actual turkey…. but we were scrambling around trying to figure out what we could make the turkey in. I have a smaller one which could work in a pinch, but seemed like a big mess waiting to happen.

So I fired off several texts to local friends, one in particular who had mentioned they would a) be in town and b) were ordering out this year! She just responded that, yep! They have a nice, big ‘ol roasting pan sitting collecting dust in their garage. I’m going to run and pick it up!


I just want to take a moment and say a big thank you to anyone who is reading this right now. I appreciate more than you’ll ever know that there are people out there who take a few minutes out of their days to read my blog!!

While my blog might be (very) small potatoes compared to many, it makes me feel all sorts of warm and fuzzy to know that my words, stories, and experiences are connecting with some people. 🙂 And an extra THANK YOU to those who engage with me in this space, through your very thoughtful and supportive comments. I feel like I’ve made a bunch of new friends through blogging, even though I’ve never actually met many of you! ❤❤❤

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, if you live in the U.S.! If not, well, I still hope you have a great day! You can borrow our holiday today as motivation to reflect on a few things you are grateful for, anyway. 😉

My calendar’s Thanksgiving message was on point today:

And, one more for the road- something I saved last week that resonated with me and seems fitting to share on Thanksgiving:

Daily Gratitude:

See above. 🙂 Also, I am just really grateful for people being able to have a more normal Thanksgiving again this year. I went to the grocery store last night and there was a definite buzz in the air. “Holiday cheer”, I think it’s called. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! We Canadians celebrated over a month ago, but it’s fun to enjoy all the gratitude vicariously via my American friends and family, so I really have felt a boost of thankfulness today!

    Enjoy – and yay for friends with roasting pans to spare.


  2. Glad your friends came through with a roasting pan!! We have a block facebook group – that has helped me really get to know people, especially in the time of covid, so I could see myself posting a ‘help!!’ message if I was in that situation! We do not have a large enough roasting pan for a turkey either!!

    Happy belated Thanksgiving to you! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you through your blog. I think we are kind of cut from the same cloth overall – upholders, list makers, readers, piano players, mom of 2 boys and the list goes on!


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