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Context shifting

Today is Day 1 of the big swim meet I’m coordinating (well, it starts tonight at 5:30). Friday night is the “distance events session”. It’s only a couple hours long and not TOO many kids, so should be pretty low key today. (The big kahuna really starts tomorrow.) Asher is swimming the 400 IM for the first time ever tonight…

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Good news- hair edition

Exciting news- I think I found a new hair stylist! 😂 Quick long story short: I used to get my hair done by this one girl at a big salon here in town. I liked her, although it always seemed SO expensive (cut/ highlights). Fast forward- she had a baby, then another baby. Her schedule became impossible, could never get…

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Weekend and tired

Hello hello! Didn’t mean to go MIA for a while there. We were gone all weekend for Asher’s State competition in Milwaukee, which isn’t too far from my parents’ house. Asher swam Saturday and Sunday afternoon, and we ended up staying overnight at my parents’ until Monday morning. (I took a half day off, the boys just got to school…

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Upholder life

Good morning! I just need to acknowledge this lovely moment I am enjoying right now. Ethan and Ivan just left for an 8 am basketball. Asher is still sleeping. I’m sitting in our sunroom (arguably the best room in our house), with my little space heater on, my Christmas village glowing behind me AND it is lightly snowing. My tea…

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Want vs. reality

Yesterday was kind of an overcast day with some snow flurries. I worked from home, as usual, and also worked out from home and was otherwise just home all day, until around 3:30. At that point, I went upstairs and flipped the fireplace on and just kind of sat there for a minute as I put my shoes on. It…

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