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Camp pick-up/ New Month/Social Media

First, I did finally successfully complete my grocery trip yesterday morning. Store was EMPTY, which I am certain was probably not the case last night or will be anytime today with the holiday weekend upon us. So happy to have a stocked fridge again! It was Ethan’s last day at camp and Asher had summer school, so the house was…

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Today + photo project fun

Not much time today- I am on a mission to head out in~5 minutes to hit up the grocery store!! We seriously need groceries, and there just wasn’t a great time so far this week. (Well, there probably was, but nobody wanted to go.) I tend to have a MUCH easier time (semi) cheerfully going to the store at 6…

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Summer school surprise

So, on Monday evening, after his first day “home alone” (Ethan’s at camp) and his first day back from swim camp/Iowa meet, Asher declared, “I can’t wait to go back to school. Just being home is kind of boring. Can I do summer school???” I was like, “Wait, what?!” I honestly hadn’t even really talked to him much about summer…

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Gratitude, Random

A Good List

Last night I was in the kitchen quickly browning some taco meat before swim practice, and the nightly local news came on. In the first 30 seconds, they announced the top 3 stories for the evening. They were: 1) a heart-wrenching report of a 7 year old girl who drowned over the weekend in a nearby river 2) the story…

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Kids, Summer

Solo Ethan weekend & more camp

This is one of those times in life that feels like, what’s the saying?? A beautiful mess? Everything has felt a bit chaotic and hectic over the last couple weeks (actually, couple months, really), but so much of it is so GOOD! So this isn’t a complaint. 🙂 Let’s see…so, I got home from swim camp on Thursday night with…

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