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Meals + leisure

Quarantining = eating all meals at home, obviously…and besides one pizza last weekend, we haven’t ordered out at all, either. As I said though yesterday, my work hours have been a little wacky. I haven’t really felt like I have had an abundance of free time, probably due to working until later in the day. (I did this last spring…

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An opportunity to practice positivity

Well, here we go. Life has served up a perfect opportunity to practice the “power of positive thinking”, “reframing negatives”, finding the good in crappy situations and all of the stuff I have been working on over the past few years. 🙂 We have embarked on a full blown quarantine around here, after having very recent close contact with a…

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Hello. Didn’t really feel like writing today, because I don’t actually feel like doing anything right now. I am all discombobulated at the moment. 🙂 But, sometimes even a few minutes of writing something down can help, and I know deep down that I thrive best on routines…and writing has become part of my morning routine. So I’m sticking with…

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Life, Workouts

Fake spring & workout completion!

I knew it would happen….it always does. We had the most gorgeous weather last week. We hit 60 degrees, the kids even wore SHORTS to school almost everyday (ridiculous- it was not that warm, but whatever. I am 100% over arguing with small people about what they will or will not wear, considering that it also wasn’t so cold that…

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Dark morning! New week.

It’s so dark out this morning!!! 🙁 We had Daylight Savings time on Saturday night here in the U.S., as many of you know, so it is now darker later in the morning but light out until later in the evening. I may be in the minority that actually prefers the light in the morning…at least in the spring/summer, I…

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