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Speaking up + small positive changes

A couple of positive tidbits from my week! I've had two "small wins" that involved me noticing an opportunity for improvement, saying something, and then change actually happening. #1: At work We use EPIC for our electronic medical records, and I basically live in there all day long for my job. Without getting too detailed/… Continue reading Speaking up + small positive changes

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A fairly “un-enthusiastic Easter” weekend recap

I've mentioned every year that I've had this blog how I really don't care for Easter. I won't blab on about it yet again, but the long and the short of it is: I just don't really like Easter. Besides enjoying the religious significance of it (for me), I just don't get whipped up over… Continue reading A fairly “un-enthusiastic Easter” weekend recap

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Pre-vacay ramblings: work, packing, travel blogging and more

No more work: YEE-HAW, vacation is here. I have been so busy getting ready for our trip, finishing work stuff, planning activities and checking the weather forecast (😂) that I kind of forgot the fact that a 2 week vacation means 2 weeks without work!!! I like my job a lot, and I fortunately don't… Continue reading Pre-vacay ramblings: work, packing, travel blogging and more