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Social Media Break

My #1 impression so far, after using probably 99% less social media this week than I have any week in the past 10+ years:

The old adage is true. “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” (Lose it= the desire to use it.)

I am quite honestly SHOCKED at how I feel about this whole experiment. Backing up a little….prior state social media use, I was feeling very “addicted” to it. Meaning, I found myself opening FB and/or IG MANY times throughout the day. (Embarrassingly), sometimes maybe in the range of dozens? I’m not sure exactly. I didn’t typically spend “long”- these were always “quick checks”-but I checked it frequently. In. Out. In. Out. Scroll scroll scroll.

(*Since the new year, I had done some rehab to my social media time, so I’ve had some stretches of much more controlled use. But I also still had spurts of what I would deem excessive– for me- use. Just TOO OFTEN. And it had ramped back up again lately.)

Since June 1st, I have officially checked Facebook twice (maybe 15 minutes each time). On both of these occasions, I have ended up feeling overwhelmed.

Why? Well, I think mostly because it is CRAZY how much stuff gets posted in the span of a few days. When you aren’t in there checking it every hour, it really piles up! In my allotted 15- 20 minutes of time, I started scrolling….and soon it was like, whoa! This is a lot. Last day of schools! Graduations! Sports pics! Vacations! Fun times! I had to cut it short, because it was just TOO MUCH all at once.

Don’t get me wrong- I love seeing all of that stuff, overall. That’s what I actually LIKE about Facebook- seeing the happy faces of people I know and care about. I am a hard pass on snarky, opinionated shared articles, but I ADORE creeping on other people’s vacation photos. 🙂 And it makes me smile to see cute pictures of other peoples’ kids (and celebrate their accomplishments).

But I don’t know, my perspective has changed some, after a little step back.

I have found myself not wanting to open Facebook. I thought I would feel this major urge. But I don’t! Actually, on the contrary. Last night I considered opening it, but I thought, “Nah. I’m really not in the mood to scroll through all of that right now.” It actually feels way nicer to just…sit there. Or do something else!

I have a tiny bit of FOMO (fear of missing out). What is happening “out there” that I don’t know about???? But in general, ignorance is bliss. LOL. I guess if I don’t know I’m missing it, I’m none the worse off. (Though if I know you in real life, and something really exciting or important happens that I need to know about- text me!! 😉 )

Not sure my long term plans with this. For now (for June), I’m just planning to continue these semi-scheduled occasional check ins, but mostly on a break. I’m not sure I want to totally “lose touch” with my 500 facebook friends though. (lol. I have very few close friends in real life, so it’s kind of ironic and probably a bit telling that I feel so “connected” to my semi-imaginary virtual friends. “Connected” in quotes, because it is probably debatable how “connected” we really are if only via occasional, random FB posts.)

I also do enjoy posting certain updates myself. It’s fun to scroll back over the years and see my own little “highlight reel”! 🙂

I’ll try to share more thoughts on this as they arise. It’s really the first time I’ve stepped back a little from social media in YEARS, so it’s just been interesting.

Couple summer pics:

Ethan reading outside at 7:30 am yesterday, with a side of Goldfish crackers by the BOX.
We scooter/walked to McDonalds for breakfast! If you look closely, you can see the golden arches on the middle right side of the picture.
We used to do this in past years some mornings and would sit and do the newspaper word scramble together!! But they no longer seem to offer the newspaper. 😦

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for flexibility to be able to do things like breakfast out with the boys on a work day.

5 thoughts on “Social Media Break”

  1. I’ve noticed a lack of social media enhances my in-personal relationships more. When my wife and I go for a walk, I ask her, what’s going on in the world? She then tells me all the news. She IS my news feed. We have beautiful and long conversations. Same with my friends when we hang out… they tell me news to my face vs. via the internet. Our discussions are deeper and more genuine (IMO).

    Congrats on taking a step back! I’m interested to hear how it continues.

    ps. Today I’m grateful for early bird surfing with friends! I’m lucky to live close to the beach!


    1. I can totally see how that’s true! I also sometimes think it’s funny when I see updates on people I really don’t have much contact with in real life…and then if I DO happen to run into them in person, I already know all these intimate details about whatever they start telling me about!! Haha. I have thought before, “Would it just have been nicer to hear about the new baby/vacation/new job/whatever directly from them in person??” Hmmm. But realistically I know I just wouldn’t hear from some of these people otherwise. Then again, maybe that’s ok! Maybe I don’t need to know everything about “everyone”. Anyway, it’s all interesting to think about! Thanks for the comment. 🙂

      Hope you had a blast out surfing!! You ARE lucky to live close to the beach!!!


  2. Well done! I even considered getting out of FB altogether, but my mother somehow appreciates grandchild photos there more than me sending them to her directly. Strange. I also only log in a few times a week now, saves so much time and mental space.


  3. I always give up social media (but not blogging – just IG and FB) for Lent every year. I also gave it up for November last year because of the election stuff – I just didn’t want to see stuff everywhere, even things I agreed with! It’s always refreshing to take a break and I sometimes wonder if I should come back or not, but it is a way for me to stay in touch with extended family and friends who live far away. I limit myself to 20 minutes between FB and IG, though, which seems like an ok amount of time to spend on the aps. But it’s a major time suck and can be distraction from other things like reading!


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