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Some fall fun

I think because it’s been so warm, I’m having a hard time believing that it’s already October 13th today. But it is!

We haven’t done too much yet in the way of “fall fun”. I’m thinking this probably isn’t going to be the year that we do “all the things” for fall. With the various house projects going on, the swim meet, Ivan being gone… just probably not going to happen.

Fortunately (or sadly?), the boys are sort of at ages that they don’t really care as much, anyway. I mean, they do, but not overly so.

They didn’t have school last Friday, so I had thought about taking a couple hours off to take them to a corn maze. But it was rainy and yucky, so I told them never mind, that we wouldn’t go. They basically shrugged and said, “k”. Hahaha.

I was just talking to an old friend about this who I ran into at the soccer game on Sunday. Her son is 14 now, and she was saying how he’s just kind of into his own world so much more now. She said he never wants to go anywhere! Obviously, you still have to make them do stuff with the family…but she said the “I’m so excited about everything!” attitude just seems to disappear. 😦

My boys are still usually pretty interested in doing things, for now. But I can see a little shift starting, especially in Ethan.

I snuck in a little fall fun with Asher at least, on the way home from the swim meet on Saturday. We drove past this adorable country home/ farm that was selling pumpkins and other fall decor in their front yard. They had a ton of pumpkins and it was the cutest place, with red barns, a white house and sprawling fields. Most of the pumpkins were only $3, too! We were the only ones there. It was great. I am NOT a fan of those big pumpkin patch places, at least not on the weekends. TOO many people!! It just sort of overwhelms me and ruins it.

Last night I finally pulled out some of my fall decorations. With my basement storage room (where I keep the boxes of Halloween decorations) overflowing with everything temporarily stored from the garage, I have been not-so-interested in climbing over piles of STUFF to attempt to get to the Halloween boxes.

But I finally did, because, it’s October 13.

I usually put this fall garland up in September!!!
Even got the outside stuff up! I’ll have to take a better pic of everything I have- I just snapped this one quickly. 🙂

Usually the boys and I pull out all the boxes and decorate everything together on some Friday night at the end of September. But Ethan had soccer, and Asher was studying for a test. Oh well! They still seem to enjoy having the decorations up. 🙂 Makes our house feel very festive!!!

Bonus pic- Ethan and me at a pumpkin patch in 2014, I think!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful that Ivan made it home safely! I heard him come in sometime around 1-1:30 a.m. Their flight got in to Chicago at 10:30 p.m. It sounds like he had a really great time.

2 thoughts on “Some fall fun”

  1. Ahh, that flashback photo of Ethan is so cute!!! Your impromptu stop at a pumpkin patch sounded fun! That is something I could handle. Hoards of people on the weekend? No thank you! A big church in our area has a pumpkin patch that we will maybe stop by some weekend on the way home from the park. It’s just a bunch of pumpkins so nothing fancy but then Paul could pick out his pumpkin which he would probably enjoy. We see this patch on the drive home from school so Paul really enjoys that. I need to get some fall decorations – maybe next year. I love how festive your house is! If it was up to Paul, we’d have a giant inflatable in our yard! Ha! But that is not happening. 🙂 But we have some fun ones in the neighborhood that he loves to look at.

    Glad Ethan made it home safely!


  2. Once decorated, it looks really fall hahaha… I really miss four season life. don’t feel like decorating when we are all year round summer. but once we move.. I’ll definitely start doing it with the girls.


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