Happy Halloween!

The weather turned grey, blustery, windy and cool, right on time for Halloween night. 🙂 How appropriate!

October seemed to go really, really fast, which makes me a little sad! I like October. I have a little feeling like it sort of slipped away from me. But I also know I did enjoy it, too. I’m really happy we had that corn maze day, my house got fully decorated for Halloween and I enjoyed a bunch of walks outside.


– making chili! Our yearly Halloween tradition.

– making Halloween cupcakes

– maybe still carving pumpkins??? This always seems to be a problem, every year. We get the pumpkins, don’t want to carve them too soon (so they don’t rot) and then suddenly it’s the 31st and we still haven’t carved the pumpkins.

– The boys each have plans to trick or treat with friends. It’s looking like we will drop them off, and then just be at home to hand out candy! This will be our first time not going out walking around with them. I have mixed feelings!! Mostly okay with it, though. 🙂 My parents are here for the night, too, so at least we won’t be all alone and lonely. 😉

– After trick or treat, we will dim the lights and have our candle light chili dinner, with the orange twinkle lights and decorations glowing!I always make a salad and serve French bread. Yummy. We have to dig out the Halloween tablecloth too.

Asher did a trial run of his costume yesterday… I’ll post full pics tomorrow, but here is a sneak peek of him in process (minus a bunch of parts):

Marking the eye holes we had to cut out for his “burlap face”.
Practicing his makeup job! 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for a little power nap yesterday. I woke up around 2 am Saturday morning and never fell back to sleep… ugh. I crashed out on the floor by the fireplace though for about 30 minutes yesterday afternoon, which saved the rest of my day.

1 thought on “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Your trick or treating hours must be earlier than our since you can have dinner afterwards! Things start around 6 here! I wish it was earlier. I talked to my SIL in Chicago on Halloween and she said it’s from 3-7 in their neighborhood. So interesting how different neighborhoods have different rules for when the trick or treat. I so wish ours was earlier but oh well. So we had an early dinner, did a block photo at 6 and then I took Paul trick or treating for about an hour and Phil stayed back to hang w/ Will and hand out candy. Paul had a BLAST trick or treating!


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