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Some days are a…..”Nope”

Ay caramba. My Monday yesterday went down the toilet quickly. It wasn’t even technically a “terrible” day where so many huge things even went wrong.  The day just didn’t work.  Let’s see. It started out nicely…I woke up on time, got my morning routine in…But that’s kind of where it stopped? I got wrapped up in some emails, and since…

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Morning Routine

My Current Morning Routine during COVID-19

It’s Monday, officially only our second Monday since starting quarantine. (I’m not even really sure what to call it. I know we are aren’t really in “quarantine” exactly, but what are we supposed to say? “Our second Monday since starting to stay at home all the time? Our second Monday in social isolation? All of it sounds strange, honestly!) An…

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Yo-Yo workout and another weekend at home

What a difference some sunshine can make! Although I am usually actually a big sucker for cloudy, cozy, rainy (or snowy) days, there is something about the first days of warm sunshine in the Midwest that just feels SO GOOD. Yesterday we had full sunshine all day, despite chilly temps in the upper-40’s/low- 50’s. I had some work to catch up…

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