Good among the not-so-good

The week is chugging along in an odd way, but since time doesn’t stop for anything, here we are at Thursday. 🙂

Without disclosing more than I care to in this space, I will speak for myself only and say that I currently feel great (physically). However, a COVID+ contact has been struggling with some significant symptoms, which has the stress level running high around here. I think everything will be okay. But, happy thoughts and prayers are welcome for them. 🙂

I have been trying to sort of push away any negative thoughts the best I can, and there’s definitely been some good stuff this week so far. I’d like to focus on that.

🔷 First of all, BIRDS ARE BACK in full force. They have been for a while, but gosh I love the sound of birds chirping. It brings me a crazy amount of joy. We have these bright red cardinals in our yard. Well, at least one. I guess I don’t know if it’s the same guy. But he’s kind of my buddy now? We talk. Hahaha. Ivan thinks I’m insane. I’m like, oh hey, Fred, up in the tree. What’s happening? He sings back to me. It’s wonderful. 😀 I haven’t caught a pic of him, but here’s a classic Wisconsin robin (our state bird) that posed for me:

🔷 Also back- FLOWERS! Not a lot of flowers yet, but the daylilies have opened up. It’s so funny how that happens. On Sunday I could tell they were on the verge. Then the next day, bam. All fully open. I wonder if I just sat and watched if I could see it happening? Seems like once they are ready, they pop open very quickly.

🔷 Walks + outside. The weather has been beautiful this week, thank God. Yesterday I wore a tank top! Our hot tub water needed draining and changing, so I worked on that for a long time yesterday afternoon. The manual labor was a good distraction from everything. I got in there and scrubbed the whole thing down from top to bottom. I was actually HOT outside and the sun felt so good.

We’ve been out on several short walks, too. The boys scooter. (We live in a suburban neighborhood and typically don’t see another single soul on our little walks- or if we do, they are like, 500+ feet away on another street. If hypothetical covid can travel hundreds of feet through the outside air, down the street, into someone else’s yard, and onto their back deck, well, I guess we are all just doomed.)

🔷 Chicken soup. In an effort to up the vitamins and minerals (because that prevents illness, right?…..haha…. worth a shot….), I made some homemade chicken soup the other night. I am a big fan of soup + salad meals, so this has been tasty.

Daily Gratitude:

I am most grateful that my parents have been fully vaccinated for a long time and have been healthy throughout all of the pandemic. Also, I am grateful for sleeping with the window open and waking up to the sound of birds chirping AND the “smell” of spring finally.

8 thoughts on “Good among the not-so-good”

  1. That chicken soup looks really good. I’d love the recipe. Sounds like things are chugging along. It’s good to know that people are taking precautions.


  2. Sorry to hear your contact is struggling with symptoms. I hope that Ivan’s mom is staying healthy – I think she is still in WI? This dang disease is so brutal. Our numbers are increasing and hospitalizations are up, too. I am so glad I am fully vaccinated and Phil will be today. But hopefully our kids stay healthy! I’m relieved Will is a bit older and sturdier – I would feel less worried about him getting sick now v when he was a tiny newborn!

    I’m loving hearing the birds, too!


  3. keep up with the positivity, hope the person with covid+ gets better soon. things are bad where I am, constantly finding out more people around me or their families dying or getting infected and without care. it’s heart breaking but we need to keep the spirit up and hope for the best no matter what.


  4. Oh gosh that must be so tough. I hope the person that is covid+ is doing okay. My parents just left for florida to see my godparents (grandparents) in a small area in Florida. I am making them get a covid test and quarantine for 7-10 days when they get back before they see me back I am in the at risk category and would get very very sick if they exposed me to it. I would have to say that you/we are lucky to be in the USA in other countries if you had been in contact with anyone with COVID you would be required to stay in your home no outside walks, etc. I have an aunt is Spain who was quarantined in her home. It was very overwhelming for her. Let us know when you all get the all clear! ❤


    1. Yes it’s just a crazy virus! It is scary how it affects people so differently. You just never know! It’s smart of you to be very cautious especially under those circumstances. And yes- I know in some places the quarantine could be even worse. If I lived in a populated area I would just stay in my yard. But fortunately, with the kids home during the day, it’s easy to go out for a little walk when literally no one is around! It would be much harder in a big city environment for sure. My sister in Ireland has had lockdowns where they can’t even drive like more than 5 miles I think from their home unless it’s essential. So hard. I just wish this virus could disappear.


  5. I’m so sorry for the person experiencing symptoms – and hope that they have long since resolved (given how late i am commenting…).
    I’m glad, though, that you can get your walks in! Makes such a difference.
    (And just an fyi – those are daffodils, not day lilies… not sure if you meant for the pic to match the text but wanted to check? :>)


    1. Oh gosh, yes. I will admit that I know very little about plants and flowers, but you are right- those are not Day Lillies 🤣. I do have those in my yard too though!! Haha! Thanks for the correction! I’m always happy to learn more about gardening since I really don’t know much at all!


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