Back from Memphis

We’re back! Actually, we got back on Sunday evening, but I was too exhausted yesterday morning to get up early.

It was the best little trip!!! It’s not too often really that we take these “long weekend-type” trips. I guess when I plan travel for our family, I typically think of the full, week long+ summer vacation variety.

But this was SO FUN!! The shorter length was just right for Memphis, too. We all agreed we definitely could have easily spent another day or two, but overall, we saw plenty in our 3 days. It also felt like just the right amount to get away/ recharge/ have fun, but not so long that I now feel like I need a vacation from vacation. 🙂

I’d love to write a full trip recap so I can share more details about what we did, etc. if anyone is interested. But I don’t have time right now. Maybe tomorrow!! The kids are back in school after spring break, and I have an appointment this morning at 10:30. So, I want to jump in and get at least an hour of early work done now before the day gets really going.

Here are a couple sneak peeks of some of the zillion pics I took:

Graceland, of course!! The boys both named Graceland (Elvis’ home) as one of their favorite places we saw.
Beale St! Not a place we spent a ton of time- it’s mostly adult-scene bars and restaurants. But it was SUPER DEAD on Thursday, our first night there. So we got in for live music and BBQ that night which was just perfect. The other nights we ate elsewhere.
Standing literally RIGHT where Elvis first auditioned with “It’s Alright” and got his big break at Sun Studio. I am holding an actual microphone that The King himself used. Whoa. This was COOL. (Ethan not amused at his dorky mom pretending to sing….).

A few things I am looking forward to this week:

  • HEALTHIER EATING! Memphis is famous for BBQ, so of course we had that. We also had Gus’s World Famous Chicken, which is fried, and also delicious. In general, vacation eating for me is never the healthiest, but I don’t really worry about it. YOLO. 🙂 That being said, I always crave salads, veggies and fruit once I’m home.
  • A new month already! Unreal to me that April is just around the corner.
  • Easter! I have basically zero plans yet or anything for Easter. I’m not that into Easter (besides the religious aspect, which I do really like), but I’m sure we’ll do a little something.
  • Groceries. (Not actually looking forward to this, but a necessity)
  • Reading more again!
  • Routines and schedules. Can’t help it. I love my routines. 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for SAFE TRAVELS, a wonderful trip, time with my family (and my parents who went with us), really quite great weather (despite pretty mediocre forecasts going into it) and the fact that we LOVED our VRBO condo downtown!! Worked out perfectly.

3 thoughts on “Back from Memphis”

  1. looks like a perfect trip for the family! I always look forward to back to routine and simple meals when I come back from trip, and my own bed. hehehe….


  2. I’m glad you had a great trip! All of our trips tend to be short ones. My husband prefers 3-5 day trips. And with kids the shorter trips work better as it’s a lot of work to travel with little kids. But I look forward to a time when we can go somewhere for a week! I’m with you on eating what sounds good and is popular in the area when on vacation! You can always get back to healthy eating when you get back!


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