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Disappointment and (semi)resolution

We haven’t made too much in way of plans for the summer yet for the kids. The big “anchors” were supposed to be:

*summer camp with friend (the traditional outdoors kind- canoeing, games, bonfires, swimming, etc.)
*local track program
*??? Maybe a coding class or day camp or something

*overnight swim camp with best swim friend (already booked and registered since January)
*traditional summer camp with best school friend
*swim team/ practices/ hopefully some meets

(Plus family vacation to Maine in August.)

Well, registration opened for the summer camp last week. It’s a very popular camp and a bunch of people had priority registration from last year (we didn’t). I was able to get Ethan in with his friend for a week in June, but unfortunately the week that Asher and his friend wanted to go in August was waitlist only already. I put him on the waitlist (his friend did get in- so if Asher can get in somehow, it will be great!). But he was a bit bummed to hear he didn’t get in, for now anyway.

Then Friday we got an email that all of a sudden the swim camp just found out the university is no longer allowing them to host the “overnight” portion of the camp. Day camp/ commuter only- but it’s 2+ hours away. So in the span of a few days, Asher went from thinking he would be having TWO overnight camp experiences, to potentially zero. 😦 Bummer.

However, Mom to the rescue. 🙂 After some phone calls, texts, and some research, yesterday morning I was able to get him into a different swim camp (still day camp only- the overnight camp at this one was full already), but it’s a bit closer and less expensive. I found a suite/2 bedroom hotel room for a good price and we will use the price difference from the overnight camp refund to cover that. We are hoping that his friend can join us and I’ll just sit and work at the hotel while they go to the camp each day. Not perfect, but I think it can still be a lot of fun and a good camp.

Other random stuff

  1. imPRESS Nails!

I did my nails for Memphis (I never get my nails done-salon manicures are too expensive, take too long….) and am so grateful to my sister-in-law for introducing me to these awesome press on nails!!! I used these for Florida in January too. They look so good! And so easy- you just press them on! Honestly I like them better than some of the gloopy gel manicures I’ve had from salons before.

I took these pics after a full week and they still basically look like the first day I put them on. The cuticle end does start to loosen a bit after about a week (I’ll remove them today- they come off easily, too) but otherwise they hold up amazingly well. For $5 they are a STEAL.

No chips or anything at all either and very sturdy/strong. I cut them down to the length I want. Perfect option for special occasions/ vacations. Got them at Walmart. 🙂

2. Funny comic my Dad sent me! He is a Dilbert fanatic and always has a calendar on his desk. This to-do list comic made me laugh. 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful that Ivan is getting the vaccine tonight!! Yay! I get my second dose on Tuesday already.

3 thoughts on “Disappointment and (semi)resolution”

  1. I am glad you were able to come up with a different swim camp option! I hope his friend can join you – fingers crossed! And hopefully he gets off the wait list at the other camp, too. I am glad they will have a more normal summer, though!

    Those nails look great. When they take them off, are they really hard on your nails? That’s what I don’t like about gel nail polish. Once I take it off, it ruins my nails underneath.


  2. I hope that Asher has heard that he’s into the summer camp… I know I’m commenting late so something may have happened in the interim! Fingers crossed… You really are a super mom – I love how you go the extra mile to help your kids have good, fun, experiences that THEY are also interested in!
    And, wow. I would never be able to function with those nails – but they look great!


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