It’s Now or Never

Hi!! Jumping on for two seconds to say…see ya next week!

We have packed our blue suede shoes and are ready for a little less conversation, a lot more action. 😊 (So dorky. I’m sorry. Couldn’t resist.)

We are off to Memphis in a couple hours (driving part way tonight and will get there by ~noon tomorrow), so I’ve been frantically squeezing in as much work as possible since early this morning. The boys are not entirely sure what to think about Memphis, but I have assured them it will be FUN!! I’m looking forward to them learning all about the birthplace of rock n’ roll, Elvis Presley and the roots and heroes of the Civil Rights Movement.

Won’t be packing a laptop, so stay tuned next week for a trip recap. If you’re on spring break this week, hope you’re having a blast! It has been strange, in a good way, to finally be seeing TONS and TONS of friends and family’s spring break trip pics on Facebook. After a year with such minimal travel, I think everyone was chomping at the bit to get out and go somewhere, anywhere! With everyone so well versed in COVID precautions now, I don’t feel too worried about it anymore (at least for the responsible families I personally know. Not sure about those college kids in Miami Beach though, yikes… 😳).

Tons of people I know were driving south to the northern beaches of Florida or Alabama. I feel like Memphis is probably not a “typical” spring break destination, so I’m hoping it’s not too busy. We had no trouble getting our timed entry tickets for a couple museums so far, so I hope that’s a good sign. Our condo looks really hip and cool too, just a couple blocks off famous Beale Street! I’m excited!

See you next week!!!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful that I had an hour long work meeting this morning that I just needed to listen in on (and wasn’t on camera), so I was able to do my nails during it!! Haha. Multitasking…. 🙂

5 thoughts on “It’s Now or Never”

  1. Have fun! Hopefully you get some good BBQ while you are there, too. I haven’t been to Memphis but have heard it’s a cool city. Your condo sounds like it’s in a perfect location, too! I love staying in walkable areas! For a future trip you should consider Asheville, NC! It’s the coolest little city with good food and amazing hiking! That’s where we went for our baby moon before Paul was born. You definitely need to stay downtown IMO as parking is really ridiculous and frustrating as traffic can be bad during higher tourist seasons.


  2. I’ve been to memphis for the St. Jude’s marathon and I hope to go back again some day soon. When I went we stayed at The Guest House at Graceland and it was beautiful. Did you guys enjoy staying in the condo or do you wish you had stayed in a hotel? What was your favorite part of the trip?? How was the drive??


    1. We had a wonderful trip!!! Seriously so much fun and saw awesome sights. I’m planning to write a full trip recap soon, so watch for that! We loved the condo we stayed at. Since we traveled with my parents, it was a better choice for us than a hotel. This way we could all hang out at night and in the morning together. It was only a short walk from Beale St so the location was great and everything else we drove to was also super close by! I read about the Guest House- I bet that is beautiful! We wanted to be more right downtown though, so we opted to not do that. We all loved Graceland though! I could have spent all day there. It was about a 9 hour drive for us from home, so a pretty long drive but not too bad! My husband did the driving 🙂


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