An opportunity to practice positivity

Well, here we go. Life has served up a perfect opportunity to practice the “power of positive thinking”, “reframing negatives”, finding the good in crappy situations and all of the stuff I have been working on over the past few years. 🙂

We have embarked on a full blown quarantine around here, after having very recent close contact with a COVID + person(s) . That’s really all I’m going to say about it here, because while I share A LOT on this blog (and hopefully you all appreciate that), talking about family/friends’ personal medical situations of any kind steps firmly over a line for me.

I will say that I currently feel:

  • ornery
  • frustrated
  • annoyed
  • exasperated! I was supposed to get dose #2 of vaccine today, and Ivan just got his first last week. Feels like we were soooooo close to being “out of the woods”, hypothetically.

I also made the mistake just last week of thinking, “Well, at least now the kids only have a couple months left of school, really, and odds are looking great that they’ll be able to finish out the year without any further issues.” (Even the local public schools have reopened in some capacity now, so I feel overall quite optimistic that there won’t be any more full “school closings” this year.)

We are all disappointed about returning yet again to virtual school, and Ethan is REALLY disappointed about missing soccer. The real outdoor season was supposed to start this week (last night, actually), with 3x/ week practices, a scrimmage on Thursday, and tournaments very soon on the horizon. 😦

BUT! Wallowing never changed a situation, now did it.

We will embrace some more “family time”, which, in all honesty, has been very decreased lately compared to last year at this time during the whole lockdown thing. I guess April has decided to be a recurring “family unity” month for us. Ha.

A pretty sky last night while sitting out on our front patio watching the kids scooter in the cul-de-sac

We also watched Netflix’s “Yes Day”, which was very cute and entertaining!! Jennifer Garner is the perfect movie mom. LOL! Definitely recommend the movie to anyone!

Also, here are a couple pics from our quiet little solo Easter:

Moments before they ripped the “nice picture clothes” off and put on shorts and t-shirts! It was so warm!!!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for working from home.

5 thoughts on “An opportunity to practice positivity”

  1. sorry to hear this sudden change of the situation. it must have been frustrated. I was or still am in this situation and don’t see a light out of the tunnel, so hang in there. practicing positive attitude is key. also get a hold of what you can control is important so we don’t feel powerless. hope you see the light soon.


  2. I hope you guys stay healthy! How frustrating. I’m sure you felt like you were past the point of being at risk to get Covid/have to quarantine. We had a couple of quarantines due to daycare exposures and it was stressful since I was pregnant and high risk. I am so glad that is behind us. I got my 2nd dose last week and Phil get the J&J tomorrow!


  3. Late comment, which I suspect means that you are finished with (or close to finished with quarantine). Sorry I’m so behind, but I am sorry you faced this stressful and challenging situation. You responded with such grace, though. I hope that I would do the same…


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