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2021 Workout recap + 2022 plan

Well, this was eye opening. If you had asked me, “Did you workout a lot in 2021?”, I think I would have probably answered, “Yeah, most days! Some stretches here and there I got off track, but overall, yes, more often than not.” But data doesn’t lie. 🙂 Here are my stats from 2021: *(small caveat- again, some days I…

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2021 Books

First, some numbers, because this is the fun part about tracking stuff. Here were my “stats” for “number of days of intentional reading in the month” for 2021. (From January- May I was strict on trying to do Gretchen Rubin’s “Read 21 in 21”, so those were all at least 21 minute blocks. After that, things started to fizzle some,…

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Family Fun, Gratitude, New Year

Happy New Year + a new challenge

Just unboxed my new desk calendar, so it’s official- 2022 is here!! I don’t feel totally ready for the new year, meaning that I don’t have my planner all set up and my goals list is still a work in progress (with question marks, circles, asterisks, cross outs all over the scratch paper I started on). My house is still…

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Gratitude, Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving

In a perfect world, I would have some very cute and catchy Thanksgiving/ gratitude themed post prepped and ready to go today, since, you know, “Grateful Kae” and all…..gratitude is kind of my jam….and it’s THANKSgiving…. But, I don’t! 😆 I actually had not one single specific thing in mind to write this morning as I sat down. I’m just…

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Sunday gratitude and cuteness

Last night Ivan was trying to figure out the date of something coming up, and asked, “Wait, what’s the date today?” I replied, as usual, that I had no idea…. (despite looking at my planner/calendar many times per day, I am exceptionally good at never knowing what the actual date is! I guess I just breeze past the big number…

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