Bad day, Gratitude

I had a bad day

Yep, I had a crap day yesterday.

Started off with an hour long cluster where I realized I had made a mistake on something that was going to end up ultimately costing me hundreds of dollars. gahhhh…..

Around the same time, I got a message from our new employee cheerfully greeting me and wondering what time I wanted to get going on her training. Ummm…. to my knowledge she was still in the process of training in a different area, with a different person! Apparently no one ever let me know that I’d be taking over on Monday. So, while frantically trying to resolve Issue A (above), I was now simultaneously trying to get my head organized to begin this training process- totally on the fly… (Fortunately, she was very chill and fine with my plea to “just give me a minute please”.)

Later the kids had physicals and the whole thing ended up taking forever. A couple of irritating behaviors from an unnamed child emerged during this period.

Then, we had to stop to get Ethan’s work permit. Another irritating experience emerged in this general timeframe, with another child, which had me exasperated and confused and ticked off, because seriously, at this point in parenting “behavior issues” are generally not much of a thing anymore. Anyway. It was nothing major, but enough to ruffle my feathers and annoy me.

On top of it all, possibly causing at least 50% of my stress right off the bat, I was sooo tired yesterday. Couldn’t fall asleep Sunday night (after having dozed off during a movie, earlier) and just didn’t get nearly enough zzzs. The whole day sucked.

BUT! Thankfully, nothing was actually that bad. Just a bunch of minor to moderate frustrations that made me REALLY CRANKY BY THE END OF THE DAY.

Thankful that:

  • After I dealt with the doctor appts., work permit and driving Ethan to work orientation, Ivan got home, swooped in, told me to get lost (nicely 😉 ) and then graciously handled every single last bit of parenting for the evening. (After having been at work himself all day, obviously, from 8-6.) He drove Asher to and from soccer, picked up Ethan from work orientation and then drove him both to and from soccer practice. Didn’t get home until after 8, at which point he still helped the boys to make a quick dinner, finally sitting down around 9 pm for the night. As we approach our 15 year wedding anniversary (on Friday!), man, I think I picked a good one.
  • I, on the other hand, after being gifted a totally open evening, worked out (at home) and then went for a 60 minute walk! While they had dinner, I sat and read my book by the firepit. Then, Ivan and I went in the hot tub before bed. It was honestly a perfect night and just what I needed.
  • (Side note- many times, when you have a bad day, the evening is busy or just as bad or you simply can’t get a break. So I just want to acknowledge that I’m grateful that this time, I did get a break to re-set, regroup and wash away the crummy day, because it definitely doesn’t always happen.)
Is there anything more calming to the mind and soul than a walk at dusk?

Wedding pics!

As promised, here are a couple pics from the wedding we attended on Friday night:

Quote of the Day:

It’s not how well you play the game, it’s deciding what game you want to play.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for a really great weather forecast this week. Moderately hot but not “too” hot temps in the upper 70s/ low 80s all week, and full sunshine. Beautiful!

6 thoughts on “I had a bad day”

  1. Am I the only one who hears the phrase “Bad Day” and immediately thinks of the pop song from the early 2000s? I’m glad Ivan took over; having a partner who can tell when you’ve hit the wall and can take over is key.


    1. Yes! I’m over here singing Fuel and wondering why it’s not 2000. She spilled her coffee and broke a shoelace, you know?

      I’m having a stressful work thing right now and after work yesterday I went to yoga and it was just such a nice stress reliever. I convinced a friend to go with me and she even sent a text that she felt so much calmer after yoga. It’s so nice when the evenings can be rejuvenating even when things during the day are not the best! Yay for nature and good husbands!


  2. Gold star to Ivan for giving you a much-needed and deserved break. Yes, he had a long work day but you dealt with some irritations and annoying kid behavior and honestly my hardest days at work are less tiring than a tough day at home with the kids… Granted ours are younger so I’m dealing with food throwing and tantrums and toddler shennanigans. But when you expect your kids to be pretty easy, challenging behavior is even harder to handle because you aren’t anticipating it. Like this morning Paul had a rough morning and I basically had to restrain him to brush his teeth. It really ruffled my feathers because he is typically pretty easy to get out the door lately… And I was doing drop off by myself – usually Phil and I do it together and then drive into work together but he’s WFH today as he’s going to a senior co-worker’s lake home mid-day for an afternoon of fun. But he does drop off waaaay more than I do, so usually he is the one dealing with a screaming kid and I’m the one standing on the curb, smiling and waving goodbye. But Paul’s mood turned around quickly luckily.

    But that was a bad combo of dealing with a snafu that cost you money and then unexpectedly having to train someone! Ay yi yi. I do not like training people… it slows you down so so so much and I’m not great at it honestly… But I so very rarely have to do it!

    I hope today is a better day!


  3. did you text Ivan throughout the day about your annoyances? otherwise he’s be an angel to just take over the night for you to get lost. my husband will never do that if I don’t tell him. hahhaah…. i think the bad night of sleep might have caused that, and many PMS? I’m often annoyed by everyone when approaching period.


  4. Ugh. Sorry it was such a tough day. I worked yesterday morning and then took the kids to the lake for the afternoon since John had an important work call and I wanted the house to be quiet for him. By the time I got home at bedtime, I was in tears. The kids were fighting with each other whole time (and the friend we took along was so polite and appreciative the whole time which made me think I am TOTALLY FAILING AT PARENTING BECAUSE WHY DON’T MY KIDS CONSTANTLY SAY THANK YOU). John took over bedtime completely and I’m sure all will be well today, but I was very much having a bad day. To echo Coco above, I am 100% also PMSing right now, which tends to make me angry with the world.

    Bad Day makes me think of the Daniel Powter song and I actually started singing it in my head the instant I saw your blog post title!


  5. I am sorry you had a bad day… I hate when “little” things pile up this way and leave you flustered and stressed out. Gold stars for Ivan for sensing that you needed a reset…. and a nice workout + hot tub sounds like a good way to “fix the day”. 😉


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