Gratitude Challenge Day 13

When was the last time you were overcome with joy?

“Overcome with joy” sounds like a tall order… I envision that meaning an exceptionally full, emotional experience of something being just SO SO SO amazing!! And while I have many really “great” moments in day to day life, I’m not sure I’m officially “overcome with joy” every single day. 🙂

I think for this answer I’ll go with during our trip in August out East to Acadia National Park. There were soooooo many times that I just felt so very happy, content and truly overjoyed during that trip.

9 thoughts on “Gratitude Challenge Day 13”

  1. Oooh this is a tough one. Joy seems a little difficult to find, lately. I guess I can remember feeling overcome with something, maybe joy, on a trip back to the state I grew up in earlier this summer. We were in a part of the world I hadn’t been in for many years, and it was so beautiful I just couldn’t take it in enough.


  2. Watching my son working on being kind to everybody, on the cusp of teenagerdom. I’ve met a few mean men in my life and my mission is to have him not be one.


  3. I laughed when you said that’s a tall order, indeed. I think it’s a succession of small moments that make the experience joyful and memorable. love that picture of you three.


  4. That picture looks so…joyful.

    I have a very weird answer – I was in our car, on our way to the beach on a random day. I can’t remember the day of the week, or the time of day, or where we ended up but I remember just stopping in that moment and feeling overwhelmed with how content and happy and peaceful I felt. My mind is almost always going a million directions at once and something about that moment – all of us being in the en route to an adventure – just felt so, so joyful. It was almost like a few minutes of life when by in slow motion and I was oddly aware of how relaxed and at peace I felt.

    I think about that moment often; it strikes me as odd to pinpoint such a “forgettable” moment as being one of the most poignant of my life. But I was happier in that specific instant then at any other time I can remember!


  5. Gosh that is a tall order, isn’t it? I think my answer would probably be on one of my early morning solo runs this summer or fall when there was a beautiful sunrise! Those are the moments where I’m so glad to be able to run and to live in such a beautiful neighborhood close to lakes and creeks and great running paths. For me, sunrises are the most gorgeous on water as the reflection is just so stunning. My running partner and I have had lots of moments where we stop and say “wow!” because the reflection off the lake is stunning or there is fog coming off the lake in the colder fall months, etc. Those fill me with joy and remind me how beautiful earth is!


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