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Catastrophizing/ “Is it true?”& Plan B thinking

As I walked on the treadmill last night (looking for opportunities to up my step count AND somewhat frantically trying to finish my audiobook which expires TODAY and is on hold for other people i.e. not available for renew!!), I heard some really great insights. This section of the book is geared toward parents/ students, but the advice is universal!…

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Opinion overload

Happy Saturday morning! We are in for another bigger winter storm starting tonight through most of day tomorrow, so we are planning to hunker down later and probably not come out until tomorrow night sometime (if at all). I’ve heard the weather forecasters all warning that “travel on the roads is not recommended”, so we’ll happily heed that and snuggle…

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Deep thoughts, Weekends


Sunday was a nice day. There were some really nice moments of connection that I really enjoyed. As the kids get older, it can be so easy to kind of just all do our own things sometimes. On weekends, they like to spend a good amount of time playing video games with their friends. I am not opposed to this…

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Deep thoughts, Goals, New Year


I think I finally decided on a 2021 word. PEACE. It took me a while to land on it, but I’m glad I spent the last couple weeks mulling it over. The word has to “feel” right, and it can take time to figure it out. So, why “peace”? Last year, my word was “Intentionality” (post about choosing that one…

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Patience and the Parable of the Pear Tree

Yesterday was the winter solstice- the shortest day of the year. Here in Wisconsin, it’s kind of a pastime for people to complain about the short days in December. 🙂 My own husband said one evening about a month ago, “Ugh. Here we go…into my least favorite time of the year. I hate driving home from work in the dark.”…

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