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Monday motivation: eliminate destructive mental habits

I set two calendar entries aside last week to save them:

Read that again:

If you have destructive mental habits- if you get annoyed and bothered easily, if you feel angry and frustrated a great deal of the time, or if you’re constantly wishing things were different– these identical tendencies will follow you wherever you go.

Yikes. That does not sound good, does it. Something about this just conjures up an image of a very…. unhappy person. It also makes me picture one of those dark clouds following a person around, raining on them, like you see in the comics. And I envision the person moving crabbily from one place to the next, wondering why it is always raining where they are.

The calendar followed up the next day with this one:

Ah. Softer. Graceful. That sounds nice.

Getting rid of the “reaction” method to life and instead viewing everything with a little more perspective sounds much… better.

It’s something to keep in mind as we start our Monday, no? 🙂 Less destruction, more softness.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for this silver Christmas tree music box from my grandma. It was hers, but before she died, she labeled it to be given to me. I had a music box collection growing up, so it was fitting that it would go to me. Every year when I pull it out, I love to flip it upside down and see her handwriting on the bottom. I taped the sticky note on years ago because I never want to lose it!

It plays “White Christmas”

9 thoughts on “Monday motivation: eliminate destructive mental habits”

  1. Admittedly, I can be like the person described in that quote… I think that young children can bring that out of a person, and I definitely found myself reaction over and over to little things that happened this past weekend. But we had so much going on and were parenting in public/around others A LOT which is not really ideal… More softness/more calm is something I strive for, but don’t always achieve!


  2. Awww…isn’t it crazy the power of handwriting. We sometimes stumble upon recipes my late MIL wrote out by hand and it always makes me smile. I love the music box and I love the note!


  3. so true. our mental state could dictate how we see our life. sometimes we enter into a rabbit hole of negative thoughts and hard to get out. It’s good to remind ourselves that we need to zoom out more often to get the bigger perspective.


  4. What a wonderful gift, indeed! I love sentimental Christmas items.
    My favourite is an old Avon wax mistletoe set my parents received when they were married in 1972. Growing up it was my absolute favourite Christmas decoration, and when I got married…my Mom gave it to me. I put it out today and now the whole living room smells like it (it’s a very distinctive scented wax). It just brings me SO much joy.
    (Oddly enough, my daughter is NOT a fan, so I guess I won’t be passing it down to her?? She thinks it stinks – haha).


  5. So lovely to see the note, and see you cherishing the gift year after year, your grandma really knew who to pass it onto 😊 thanks for those book entries too, very good 👍 I just want to thank you for blogging, I have been binge reading your posts today, and it’s very comforting like listening to a old friend.


  6. Wow – I know I’m reading this super-late but the timing was obviously just right. I had *literally* just been thinking about how angry I used to get, and how once I heard someone else do the same thing to me, I realized how awful it felt to be on the other end of it. These bits of your calendar really hit home for me. Thanks for sharing!


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