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A social experiment

 Okay, I gotta share this. It just so perfectly represents something that I think about often, but could never really explain. First- watch this short video clip (if you received this in your email, click through to my site to see the video). It’s only 1 minute long. The gist of it is that you have to count how many…

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What kids need to hear

I mentioned this book on our Family Reads list back from July, but I ended up setting it aside when we went up north and then I never really picked it back up again until recently. I finished it the other day. Overall, I think I liked the more general first half of the book the best, which explored teenager’s…

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Monday Motivation: Own your story

Last week Thursday we had a pizza and movie night- well, only Ivan and I watched the movie since the kids were outside at the neighbor’s house. We rented “Little Women”- I’d been wanting to see it for a long time, the one that came out at the end of 2019. Side note: I think I might have read this…

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Better Breaks

My planning paid off and I had a nice day yesterday!  I mentioned in my reading list on Sunday that I’ve been reading The New Corner Office, the e-book by Laura Vanderkam about how to work better from home. One section that caught my eye was about “taking breaks”. This advice was geared toward working people, but I think it…

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Family Reads

I was just in Barnes and Noble the other day (first time in a bookstore in a long time…) and it was so wonderful. I love bookstores!!  Since I knew my weekend was going to be deliciously wide open, I started making plans on Friday to fit in some nice, long chunks of reading. It dawned on me that I…

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