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Audiobooks, Germs, This is Us- in no particular order

3 random things on my mind…. 1. Audiobooks vs. Podcasts I mentioned last week I’ve been listening to The Self-Driven Child on audiobook (checked out from the library app). On the whole, the book has improved I think quite a bit and it’s actually turning out to be pretty good. I used to listen to audiobooks all the time, but…

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Happier, #21in2021 and Book Debates

I was listening to the podcast Happier yesterday (with Gretchen Rubin), which is a podcast I would say I listen to fairly often but not religiously. I have been enjoying it quite a bit lately, however, and listened in after my shower yesterday (one of my favorite podcast listening times). I think I mentioned once before that her #21for2021 movement…

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2021 Book List + some planner pics

Yesterday I updated a few pages in my planner. I finally did the December Review page, and I also decided how I want to use the Quarterly pages. I decided I think I don’t want to make separate quarterly goals this year. It didn’t flow that naturally for me last year, and I think I’m good with just my 21…

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Fun facts

Happy Sunday! Being Sunday, it feels like a fitting day to share pics of my Nativity scene. I received a piece most years from my Godparents when I was little and love my set! ❤ The boys usually put it up now and always look forward to that. The book I’m currently reading, Christmas: A Candid History, has kind of…

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Current Reads & more

I’m pretty happy with how much I’ve been managing to read lately. Still probably not that much, relatively speaking, but I’m reading daily and I’m happy about that. I picked up a couple new library holds yesterday so I thought I’d share what I’m reading. Currently Reading: 📘The Girl in the Tower by Katherine Arden: Book #2 in the Winternight…

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