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2021 Book List + some planner pics

Yesterday I updated a few pages in my planner. I finally did the December Review page, and I also decided how I want to use the Quarterly pages. I decided I think I don’t want to make separate quarterly goals this year. It didn’t flow that naturally for me last year, and I think I’m good with just my 21 for 2021 list plus my monthly goals.

Instead, I decided to use the quarterly page as sort of a working page for ongoing 21 for 2021 items. Several items on my list are repeating “to dos”, like reading a book per month with the boys, exercising with them once per week, making one new recipe per month. I view these items as separate from my personal daily habit tracking items, so I liked the idea of having a separate little place for them. I don’t feel “chained” to my 21 for 2021 list, either, and if something doesn’t happen, it’s okay.

I think I shared my January goals previously, but here’s how that page is looking:

(Will probably add something besides just “finish puzzle” to the fun list. Though we did just go to Disney World, so maybe our fun is maxed out for this month. 🙂 )

I also did something new!!! I finally perused my 75+ long “Want to Read” list in Goodreads and fairly randomly snatched out 20 that I want to read this year. Some have been on there WAY TOO LONG and it’s time to read them. Others (many? not sure exactly) I think were recs from either Lisa or Coco. I chose 20 because my total reading goal for the year is 30. I figured this allows some wiggle room for adding in random books as I come across them. I’m going to attempt to “assign” myself 5 per quarter from the master list though.

This list lives in the back of my planner, in my lists pages.

I had a few blank Index pages at the very front of my planner (prime real estate!) that I wasn’t using. So I divided it into a quarterly book list.

Still loving the Daily pages in my planner, too! Here is the one for yesterday (I fill out the previous day’s page each morning.) I’ll share a filled out version sometime soon too so you can see how that looks.

The only change I’ve made recently is making my “Gratitude” section a “Gratitude/ Bummer” section. Sounds sad, but sometimes there IS a bummer or something bad that happened that I want to record. I’ve been color coding them- a pink dot means it’s a gratitude item, a grey dot means it’s a bummer item. I always list GRATITUDE picks FIRST and try to limit it to only one bummer. 🙂

Love my quote of the day today:

“Talk about your blessings more than you talk about your problems.”

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for a fresh snowfall last night on a MILD winter evening…which made for an extremely peaceful, quiet, and pleasant solo snow walk last night.

2 thoughts on “2021 Book List + some planner pics”

  1. Good idea to plan out your reading for 2021! I know that has worked for Sarah! I sort of do the same thing but just a month at a time. I have a ton of books on hold at the library so I figure out what I will unpause and read each month and then I fill in with books that are available immediately.

    I love seeing how your use your planner. It’s making me even more excited for getting one this fall!!


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