Happy Spring

red purple and yellow tulip fields
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

My phone says it is 28 degrees outside, but it is technically spring. So, Happy Spring!! 🙂

I love tulips and they of course seem to be the universal sign of spring, although we definitely do not have any tulips blooming around here yet. Actually, we don’t have any tulips in our yard. I wish we did, though. Maybe I should make that happen. I can see the day lilies starting to sprout though! Just the very beginnings of green are starting to push their way up. It’s always funny when that starts and it’s still so cold, but it is a welcome sign of warmer days ahead.

I’m heading out to take Asher to an 8:30 a.m. swim practice. Ethan had a 6:30 a.m. (indoor) soccer practice this morning!!!! Fortunately, Ivan volunteered to take that shift. Jeez. I know they are just taking any field time they can get, but 6:30 on Saturday?? Yikes. I think this is the last week of these morning practices, though.

Spent last night putting together some details for our Memphis trip. I like to make a little document with “important info”, like our Air BnB address, times/ places we have tickets for, list of other things I’d like to fit in (and open hours, etc.). It just makes me feel a bit more organized and like I have everything in one place. This is obviously a very short trip, so there’s not even that much to do.

Rest of weekend plans…

  • Finish A Gentleman in Moscow! So close.
  • Some cleaning is needed, I think
  • CHIPOTLE for lunch. Has been way too long. I’m entering a state of withdrawal.
  • Help boys clean out their closets (maybe) and clean the hamster cages
  • Something fun? Movie? Walk with boys? (Will be warming up) Hike? I don’t know yet.

Have a great weekend!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for birds chirping outside.

3 thoughts on “Happy Spring”

  1. OMG. 6:30 practice on a weekend! Yikes! Glad Ivan took that shift!

    I noticed some day lilies or maybe they were daffodils pushing up at a house I walked by yesterday. Our day lilies aren’t pushing up quite yet. It was pretty warm here yesterday but windy and today will be even windier! But lots of rain is coming so I took a long walk yesterday since it was sunny out. We moved Will to his crib in his room this weekend and he seems to be hitting a regression so I am feeling so exhausted!!


  2. I saw some daffodils pushing up yesterday. We had a great trip to Memphis a few years ago. The Civil Rights Museum is really well-put together, and we also loved visiting Stax Record Museum of American Soul Music. Hope you all have a wonderful trip! We’re headed for the mountains for a few days tomorrow–it should be snowy but pretty. Mostly, it’ll just be nice to have a change of scene.


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