JUNE goals!

I am feeling some major “new month” excitement this month, for the first time in a while. Looking back, I actually didn’t even write out monthly goals really for April OR May…which, if you’ve been reading a while, is not really like me.

The spring has just been…..a lot. I’ve mostly just been kind of treading water around here.

But, I feel like school ending this week is a fresh slate. Summer is officially here, and I am dying to re-focus on a few things in my own life, set some goals, accomplish a few things, have some more (self-imposed) structure again.

A big focus this month: digital DETOX. I am still planning to share my notes on Digital Minimalism soon. I am not going to fully detox, like Cal suggests doing for 30 days, and I won’t be busting out a flip-phone or anything. Not in the mood for “extremes”. But I can’t shake the persistent yucky feeling of my phone/ social media being tethered to me constantly. So I want to experiment with just a few specific limitations- and some temporary cut backs- to see how I feel. It’s been bothering me for a long time, so it’s time to actually do something about it.



  • social media detox! Deleting apps (FB/ IG) from my phone for the month of June. Will check in about once per week for 20 minutes or so to check in on specific accounts (ex. son’s swim team account that posts updates, etc.), post anything then if I want to, check out closer friends/family accounts, etc. Then, shut it back down until next time. Also want to STOP checking my email 100 times a day. I’d like to just check it on my desktop, a few scheduled times a day. Really no need to be looking at it all the time. Basically, I want this month to be focused on SUMMER, FAMILY, OUTSIDE, BOOKS, MOVEMENT…anything but just looking at my phone.
  • workout everyday! (Rest days can be walk/ light yoga).
  • walk everyday! No real reason this cannot happen in the summer time. Even a short 10 minute walk counts.
  • Make 2 new recipes. I keep saying I want to try making new recipes, but then I don’t. This should be easy!!! I have to cook stuff anyway….Might as well throw a couple new recipes in the mix.
  • Get photo project done through end of 2018.
  • 3 water bottles daily! Water intake has been crappy again…. again, 3 water bottles is a low bar…should be able to do this…. 😉


  • Read with boys 3x/ week! They will be home a lot, so we could even do this on lunch breaks, etc. We started that Orphan Train series but have stalled out. Would love to read daily, but setting goal at 3x/wk.
  • Make boys do workbooks (purchased during pandemic…) most days! They will hate this, but I refuse to throw those workbooks away incomplete.
  • Be active with the boys at least couple times per week. (Tennis w/ Ethan, bike ride, hike, walk/run, workout video together, etc.). Need to be more intentional about planning these activities which makes it way easier to fit in.


  • finish some closet organization I started! Also re-organize my drawers for summer.
  • plant flowers (got most done yesterday! Good start.) Plant my garden?? Going super light I think this year as we’ll be away for 2 weeks in August.
  • mulch in yard (Ivan will do most of this, but I will help!)
  • commit to ONE HOUR of working on my messy storage room!! (Again, very low bar, but I can at least get something done in one hour. Trying to set reachable goals! And if I can’t find ONE HOUR in my month, something is seriously wrong with my life.😂)
Boys are back! Enjoyed some time on the deck last night while they played combo football/ soccer with Ivan.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for getting a bulk of my flowers in my yard planted! I LOVE looking at flowers, but I don’t really love the process of picking them out/ buying them. Too many decisions! (and I am not a pro gardener, so my choices are usually pretty basic!) But I’m always happy when it’s done and I can enjoy them.

2 thoughts on “JUNE goals!”

  1. You have had a busy spring w/ lots of soccer games and long drives for some of them so I can see why you are feeling a little overwhelmed by things. Plus the end of school year always seems busy with programs, concerts, etc. Or at least that’s what I remember from my time in school!

    I don’t have much for goals in June – just my usual photo project stuff which is very doable. And one May goal of starting our 2022 calendar didn’t happen so I need to work on that. It’s an easy task – I make it on Shutterfly and just pull photos from my monthly favorites folders. I just need to be in the right mind set to do it! And I do need to get some flowers but did not feel motivated to do that this weekend. We’ll just do 2 hanging plants and then I need to find something for one raised flower bed on the north side of our house that is currently a weed garden. Ha.


  2. these are great goals! I need to do a digital detox soon.. haven’t read much since we arrived. school year ending must be exciting too for everyone, so the “vacation” really starts!


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