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Camp pick-up/ New Month/Social Media

First, I did finally successfully complete my grocery trip yesterday morning. Store was EMPTY, which I am certain was probably not the case last night or will be anytime today with the holiday weekend upon us. So happy to have a stocked fridge again!

It was Ethan’s last day at camp and Asher had summer school, so the house was quiet in the morning. I decided to work on the deck. In the morning the sun is positioned so that it doesn’t really shine right on the deck, unlike the afternoon when it gets super hot back there.

I don’t work outside everyday, mostly because I just find it a hassle to move all my work stuff around sometimes. And sometimes it’s just uncomfortably hot. But it is very nice to do this now and then to mix things up. 🙂

Camp pick-up!

By late afternoon I had to drive the ~55 minutes or so to pick up Ethan. Traffic was HEAVY heading north since in our area many people go “up north” to lakes, cabins, etc. on the weekends (especially long holiday weekends). A lot of people probably cut out early on Thursday to get a head start, I guess.

Pickup from camp was quick and easy, and Ethan talked almost the whole way home telling me about everything. It sounds like the consensus was: a) he loved it b) he wants to go back c) his counselor was awesome and d) they need more snacks, because they were hungry between meals (Ethan is usually never particularly hungry, so he must have been VERY active. Or all that fresh air!).

He came home and made a beeline to check his ipad and then settled in on the couch with a bowl of goldfish crackers. I basically just let him, since he had a nice, long digital detox this week. 🙂

One funny thing he reported was that he never had any idea what time it was! He didn’t have a watch on, no phones allowed, and he said there weren’t clocks in the cabins or anywhere else, really. A few times he said he asked the counselors what time it was, and they would always respond, “It’s time to (go fishing/ swimming/play capture the flag/fill in activity blank)!!!!!!!” Hahaha.

I totally forgot to snap an “after” picture of him, but he was excited to show me this t-shirt he bought with his canteen money:

New Month/ Social Media

So far, I got nothin’ in terms of any lofty plans for July. Mostly just trying to tie up several loose ends before our vacation in August. This weekend is 4th of July and my parents are coming, Asher has State for swim coming up the 23-25, I’m hoping our garage can start looking more complete and I really just have a lot of work to do too, unfortunately.

More on this to come, but I haven’t really decided what to do with my little social media detox. It’s basically over, but I can already see how it just sucks me right back in to where I was. UGH. So, not sure. Haven’t really taken time to think about it but should probably come up with a plan ASAP.

*Side note- Instagram is so “needy”!! It was almost comical…since I didn’t open the app/log in pretty much all month, it’s like they started getting desperate to have me back. One time I got an email saying, “Sorry you’re having trouble logging in. Click here if you need to rest your password!” (No, I’m not having trouble…I’m just not logging in!). Then, because I had only hidden the app and not deleted it, I started getting messages and notifications trying to lure me back in, like, “So-and-so just posted for the first time in a while!” or notifications telling me about accounts I might like to follow, or other “click bait” type notifications.

Seemed kind of pathetic! Haha. I guess it’s just a business, though, after all…

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful that another swim mom needed a carpool swap last night, which gave me the night off from driving and allowed me to get a few other things done that I needed to do.

6 thoughts on “Camp pick-up/ New Month/Social Media”

  1. Those ‘you are missing out’ emails from IG and FB are super annoying. I got those during my Lenten break! I’m planning to take November off from Social Media again. I like taking 2 solid breaks during the year and then I limit my time on both aps to 20 minutes which seems like an ok amount of time to do some mindless scrolling/see pics of people’s kids or what they are reading. Any more than 20 minutes feels like too much of a time suck so I’m thankful for the screen time limitations of the iPhone!

    I’m glad Ethan had a great experience at camp! Not knowing what time it is would kind of drive me crazy but you really don’t need to know when you are at camp and someone is managing what you are doing!


  2. so funny when you said inst has been needy to get you back. hahaha…. my solution to inst is to unfollow many so it only takes me few minutes to check those I want to see.

    I miss those times when we don’t know the time, maybe I should experiment that one day and see how it feels. it’s great to know that he really enjoyed the camp. Sofia was also hungry between meals but I think it’s good that they learn to not snack between meals and eat bigger meals when it’s time to eat.

    I love your pouch view.. when we lived in VA, we had a pouch but never really used it because of the hassle of cleaning it, the mosquitos, the heat etc… now I wish I had used more.


  3. What a busy week. I am glad you were able to get to the store before of all of the crazies. My plan was to go this morning when everyone was working but then I had a plumbing issue and had to coordinate getting someone to come out to try to fix my plumbing in my kitchen. It is still NOT fixed but it is usable until tuesday when they can replace the pipes. Ugh!

    I am so glad that your son got to go to a “tech free” summer camp. I wish that ALL kids had to do this for a couple of weeks each summer. My mom made us go two weeks each summer. Once a month. My brother and I alternated so that we could have 1×1 time with her on the alternating weeks. It was really special. It also gave us a chance to be outside ALL of the time for two weeks each summer and we weren’t complaining about being bored. LOL!

    Any big plans for the fourth??


  4. I totally hear you on the needy emails from Insta. You can unsubscribe from these! I didn’t log in to FB for a week or so and started getting these emails and just put unsubscribe to everything. Same principle as for my phone. I get easily distracted and this really helps with my mental clutter.
    You deck work setup is fantastic!


  5. Love the fact that he did not know what time it was! Sign of a great camp, in my opinion. Although I am sorry he was hungry. 😦
    Your deck is lovely! So glad you have that outdoor space.


    1. I do love sitting out there whenever I can!! We certainly don’t exactly have a remote/ country living feel in our neighborhood, but I’m glad at least our yard has more privacy than some. 🙂


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