SEPTEMBER. Reviving an old challenge??

New month! 9/1/2021.

In honor of the month that houses the autumnal equinox (September 22 this year), here is a lovely FALL picture for you:

I bought this little bookmark on our trip recently, even though the trees definitely did not look like that in August. I’ve always dreamed of being in New England in the fall, though, so I grabbed this bookmark. Fall travel is tricky with school aged kids, so using a fall Vermont bookmark while I read this fall will have to suffice. 🙂

I didn’t really have great luck finding other bookmarks on the trip. I’ve mentioned that I really like this idea for a travel souvenir, because it’s fun to think back on our trips every time I use the bookmark.

Instead, I got a few postcards, which work just as well as a bookmark, anyway.

I now have a nice assortment of options to rotate through! I made a special folder in my office file cabinet to keep my travel bookmarks/postcards.

When I was unpacking the van, I ran across this other bookmark that I had purchased in Memphis, but got lost in between some papers in the glove compartment!! I was excited to find it.

Purchased at the National Civil Rights Musuem


Anyway, back to the new month. I literally can’t believe it’s September. I’m sorry to say this, because to be honest, I find it sort of annoying when people always fret and fawn over “how fast time is going” and how they “can’t believe it’s already (summer/ fall/ winter/ new year/ whatever)”.

But I’m saying it anyway, because 🤯. This year has just felt WEIRD to me and I cannot really figure it out.

I guess I won’t waste much time trying, because it is what it is, and I like September just fine.

I just updated my habit tracker for the new month. Nothing too new on there, but I did remove a couple items that are from my absolutely pathetic 21 for 21 list. (I think I’m just going to retire that thing this year. forget about it.)

Do-Over: #75hard/ #75easy challenge?? 🤔

No real goals written out yet this month either, except I just sort of decided on a whim that I might try to re-take up my #75 easy challenge. I wrote about this last October 1st. (Funny side note- this post is by FAR my site’s most popular post. Like, it gets a bunch of views every day. Apparently, that’s my one post that actually contains terms Google deemed popular enough to rank my post on the search engine??)

I never fully completed it last time, but my sister is going to do a round of the ever popular Whole 30 program (actually a Whole 40, in honor of her recent 40th birthday). She kind of jokingly asked me to join her, but sorry, sis, no cheese? No grains? NO sugar??? Let’s be real. We all know I can’t do that. 🤣🤣

BUT, I thought maybe I’d attempt to ride the new month energy AND maybe feel inspired by my big sister’s personal “challenge” and try another little challenge myself. I’ve been really crappy at meeting any strict goals this year, so I won’t make any huge promises. But I’m finally in the mood to try! New school year, new month, new goals? Sure.

(Refresher- my version of the challenge includes):

  • daily workout for 20 minutes (could be just walk or stretching, too)
  • walk outside daily
  • read 10 pages of non-fiction
  • drink 1 gallon of water
  • follow a “diet” (which for me is really wimpy- just don’t eat processed/junk foods when I’m alone! Eat only whole foods/ nutritious and then when with family, eat whatever we are all eating (i.e. pizza night or whatever.)
  • take a progress pic daily (I really don’t care about this at all, but I had left it in my original challenge since it’s part of the real #75 Hard challenge.)

Okay, off for my WALK!

Yesterday’s walk.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for my current skin care products.

2 thoughts on “SEPTEMBER. Reviving an old challenge??”

  1. I did Whole 30 once years ago and found it interesting but so expensive! I had to buy so many special ingredients and so much protein! And I just don’t normally eat like that. It did show me that I am sensitive to dairy so I am mindful of that. But I’m already avoiding gluten which can be challenging enough on its own! I missed things like rice and beans which are 2 staples of our diet. And peanut butter!

    I remember reading about your 75 challenge last fall and thinking gosh that sounds hard! I think it’s a good modification and a good goal to work towards. It is nice to have something that is stretching you. That’s how i feel about training for this 10 mile. It’s very motivating and it’s been enjoyable to train for it since I do at least 2 runs/week with my neighbor so it’s also social time. I think I would have ran less if not for this race. I’m glad I have that morning meltdown program to focus on after the race is over, too. I’ve done 4 workouts so far and really like it. It will be interesting to see how long it takes me, though! Ha! It’s been almost 10 days since my first workout and I’ve only done 4 so this might take me like 200 days! But I did have the stomach flu over the weekend so that knocked me out for a good 3 days.

    Phil hates the “I can’t believe it’s X month/X season” comments. He is so logical so says – time moves at the same pace for everyone, how can you be surprised it’s already X month? So I try not to say it to him but I do have moments where i feel that way. Time feels like it moves so much faster as you get older. I remember feeling like it took forever for Christmas to arrive when I was a kid and now it comes alarmingly fast!!


  2. sounds like a good challenge for a new month, especially when they are doable and things you enjoy. I will think what my September will be when I’m out of the C.


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