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The summer planning blues

Ha, please ignore my dramatic title. ๐Ÿ˜†

But seriously, it’s that time of year….SUMMER PLANNING TIME. Wait, what? There’s snow on the ground. It’s January 28. My brain is so far from summer I might as well have left it in Mexico.

Nevertheless, apparently in camp-world it is summertime. Registration opens for the traditional weeklong summer camp both boys went to last summer on February 1st, and swim camp registration for Asher (at a university, with a friend) opens on February 6th. (Thank you to the other moms who have alerted me to these facts, b/c like I said…my mind is not on summer yet! I probably would have just totally missed the sign up. And then, they would be full- because I assure you, both of these camps will fill within like, 24 hours. Hmm, maybe that’s the secret…. ๐Ÿค” just kidding….)

Anyway, like it or not, we have to get at least some of our summer ducks in a row ASAP. I just never enjoy this process- every year, I gripe about it. I don’t really like planning things quite that far ahead, and it’s not generally how I really roll. So this kind of pushes me against the grain a little.

Three perks this time around:

1- I think we are basically just doing the same camps as last year. So, at least not much research into options needs to occur.

2- The options for weeks are fairly limited. For swim camp there is basically just one week. So, either it works or it doesn’t. (Of course, it’s early to really know what we will want to be doing that week/ other potential conflicts, but I guess we just hope for the best and deal with it.) For the other camp, the boys want to go with friends- so that means two separate weeks in our case, to work around their friends’ preferences as well/ plus Asher’s swim meet schedule (also not released yet/ kind of a guessing game).

3- I’m really grateful that in “non-camp” weeks (i.e the rest of the time), I don’t need to do NEARLY as much advance planning as when they were younger. Before, “camps” or “day time activities” were basically my summer time childcare while we worked. Except I was too cheap to enroll them in M-F all day camps all summer, so I would do these elaborate piece-meal setups, trying to figure out how much time I could have them home while I worked vs. in structured activities, + overlapping with free childcare options like partial day public summer school/ cheaper but still fun rec department options + some more expensive camps options + some days my mom could come cover….UGH. That was the WORST to sort out!! (having flashbacks…hives breaking out….)

Now, they can take care of themselves basically, so the camps/ activities are more for “enrichment/ enjoyment/ GET OFF THE DAMN IPAD” purposes. ๐Ÿ˜„ But I don’t have to stress as much about covering every minute, either. Phew!

Anyone else figuring out summer yet?? How’s it going??

Two random posts/memes I saw recently and liked:

1- A screenshot from my phone, but what a great visual!! Consistency, despite being smaller steps, looks like the smartest option. ๐Ÿ™‚

2- This one is just TRUTH. Obviously.

Gratitude Challenge Day 28:

Describe the last time you laughed so hard you cried.

I had to REALLY think about this, but I think I got it…It would probably be the last time I watched The Hangover as a re-run on HBO or some movie channel. (Just happened to be on on our bedroom TV one night recently.) OH gosh that movie kills me. It is just SO FUNNY and I literally can’t get enough. The cast! Bradley Cooper…. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Stu and his tooth. The tiger. Alan and the baby! Ken Jeong. It’s just too much. I have tears streaming down my face every time. I know it’s older now, but it hasn’t lost it’s charm for me.

4 thoughts on “The summer planning blues”

  1. Yes, meals at a Mexican restaurant FTW! I hope that 1. our trip to AZ can happen AND 2. that we can have some yummy Mexico food while we are down there. If #1 happens, surely #2 will. It helps that my sister lives in Tucson so knows all the good places!

    Summer planning is still a ways off for us. But I think/hope we’ll be able to do some sort of public school run program? I think they have something like that? I haven’t thought about it but will have to tap the minds of my friends w/ elementary school aged kids when it’s on the horizon for us! Because I was the 4th kid out of 5, my summers were not planned AT ALL. I think my mom must have brought me to the office when I was really young and then I was my sibling’s responsibility. When I was older like middle school, I went to Music Camp and I think 4H camp a couple of times. But i was mostly free labor for my parents when I was old enough to be useful – so we had lists of cleaning/laundry/mowing tasks. So fun. I mean, now that I have kids, I get why they wanted us to do things that were useful for them but gosh I did not enjoy my summers all that much and was THRILLED to go back to school in August! It will be different for my kids since there isn’t a huge family w/ lots of laundry to manage. Ha. Or a 3 acre lawn to mow. And they won’t be in the middle of nowhere w/ difficult access to friends. So their summers will look completely different!

    I wonder when I last laughed so hard I cried. It was years ago when we were with some of Phil’s friends and I was making fun of the electric mower Phil bought that I compared to one of those kids’ mowers that blows bubbles! It was the worst purchase but he has upgraded to a great gas-powered mower now. I know electric mowers can work but gosh the one he had was a total joke!


  2. The last time I laughed so hard I cried was a few weeks ago when I was watching a silly YouTube video my husband showed me.
    I have also cried laughing at the comedian Nate Bargatze. Oh I love laughing…

    That second meme made me laugh!

    I feel you on the summer planning. We are so underscheduled it’s a bit depressing; but the kids always end up in various things. Thankfully, most registrations don’t start for a few months, but it’s so hard to plan that far out!! I have no idea what else I might want to do the first week of August (for example)…and it feels “wrong” to lock things in place that far in advance, but that’s the way the world turns!


  3. the second meme made me laugh. I agree, good food always bring instant happiness, thus I like cooking for my loved ones .
    summer planning already? gosh… I’m starting to get surprised how planning needs to be done in the US… I can’t even think where we will be physically by summer (not even a defined continent), so definitely nothing is planned for us and I’m learning to like this way. just let life carries us and be surprised. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. I always worry and save money all year long for activities and then it turns out fine. We had great daycare and school programming and now that they are older they will have to learn to manage their time and get rides from me. I’ve paid my mom dues ๐Ÿ˜‰


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