Wednesday misc: clothes, funny comments, vaccines

FINALLY a better day all around yesterday. Gym ☑️ Work ☑️ Piano lessons ☑️ Basketball parent meeting ☑️ Closet clean-out: I also ended up with a quiet, empty house post-basketball meeting, because Ivan took the boys to a movie. (I forget which one- some new action/ superhero/ Marvel (maybe? not positive) movie.) Our theater has $5 tickets on Tuesdays and…

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Living with my small closet and Bucks WIN!

I finally tackled cleaning out my closet. Ivan, his brother and Ethan went to a local professional soccer game last night (they were playing against a Mexican team!), and I stayed home with Asher. He had swim practice (carpool- so I didn’t have to drive), so I decided to seize the moment of an empty house. My closet is probably…

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