Wednesday misc: clothes, funny comments, vaccines

FINALLY a better day all around yesterday.

  • Gym ☑️
  • Work ☑️
  • Piano lessons ☑️
  • Basketball parent meeting ☑️
Also, a morning walk. I liked this nice little red tree.

Closet clean-out:

I also ended up with a quiet, empty house post-basketball meeting, because Ivan took the boys to a movie. (I forget which one- some new action/ superhero/ Marvel (maybe? not positive) movie.) Our theater has $5 tickets on Tuesdays and we are generally speaking too cheap to go to the movies when it’s full price! It turns into a very expensive 2 hour outing otherwise. Which is okay, I suppose, but…there’s $5 Tuesday! So that’s usually when we try to go.

I took advantage of the free time and tackled a nagging task- reorganizing my closet for winter. I feel like I kind of just did this for summer! But now it’s winter time already. All of my boots were in the basement, plus my bulkier/ heavier sweaters, etc. I don’t have a huge closet at all, so this is a necessity, unfortunately.

It took me a couple hours, but my closet is now ready to go. Tank tops and shorts OUT, sweaters and boots IN. YAY for having that done.

Anyone have any great tips for decluttering clothing?? I feel like my closet/ drawers/ extra storage areas are BURSTING with clothing. Yet, I do not feel particularly well dressed or in love with my wardrobe most days. So many of many clothes are old– but still in very good condition. I struggle so much to get rid of things- it’s just my nature. Not because I like having so much stuff, I’m basically just indecisive. And worried about getting rid of something I will later wish I had. Or I feel bad getting rid of things that are still in perfectly good condition and generally nice.

Funny comment:

On the way to school yesterday, Asher noticed my gym bag in the car. He said, “Oh, you’re going to the gym? Good job. Are you going challenge some lady to a bench-off?”


This made me laugh hysterically.

  1. I very rarely bench press- just not my favorite exercise.
  2. I am quite certain that challenging one of the already un-friendly gym ladies to a “bench-off” will not boost my popularity in the weight room.

Hahaha! It was a funny thought, though. When I got there, I giggled under my mask at the idea of walking up to some random woman and asking if she wanted to challenge me. 🤣

Vaccine day!

Today is Asher’s 1st covid vaccine appointment! I’m picking him up from school for a 10:20 appt.

It was a little tricky to find an appointment, but after making the rounds on various websites/ phone lines for a couple days, I got one.

It was a little confusing, though, because I realized after scheduling that Asher actually turns 12 in just a couple weeks! So then I wasn’t sure if he should just wait, and get the full dose after his birthday?? I was personally leaning toward just having him get it ASAP, especially because he has a couple larger swim meets coming up in December (=lots of people/ inside) + just the holidays/winter season coming up.

I consulted a couple of my nurse friends and also called his pediatrician, who confirmed that the recommendation in this case is to just go ahead and get it despite his impending b-day. Sounds like the smaller dose will be just as effective for him. So, yay! Getting this off the list today, and we will be 4/4 vaccinated in our house then.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for extra storage space in my house. It’s easy to focus on my “too small/ non-walk in closet” (wah wah), but in reality I should be grateful for the really quite good amount of additional storage (in other places) that my house DOES have.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday misc: clothes, funny comments, vaccines”

  1. I’d procrastinate on cloth organization too, fortunately living in tropical country means I haven’t done for 4 years. heheh… good job getting it done!

    really good job on consistently going to the gym It must feel so good! 🙂


  2. Hmmm. I love getting rid of clothes. I love cleaning out a closet. Does that make me weird? Nothing is quite as satisfying as one of these activities…

    A few of my tricks: We have a great consignment store in town and I almost always get my clothes at thrift stores, so EVEN if it’s in good shape but I don’t feel good in it anymore, I consign it. First scenario – it sells and I make a little money. Second scenario – it doesn’t and it gets donated to charity. Win, win.

    Once a month or so I like to go thrifting. Sometimes I’ll have two or three exercise shirts I don’t love and then I find one for $3 I love…and consign the other three. I think slowly curating a closet of things I like really helps.

    I have three drawers in a shared dresser in our bedroom. I use plastic shoeboxes (I have deep drawers) to separate things like socks, underwear, and bras. In another drawer I have exercise pants – Spandex, leggings, joggers. Bottom drawer has extra stuff I don’t use as much. I hang up jeans and dressier pants, and ALL dresses, sweaters and shirts. But I have curated it down to so few things because I just hate having too much choice. I will say it has taken years to get to this point. And I think I, at least partially, adhere to Marie Kondo’s – spark joy (or at least the: is it beautiful or is it useful) when deciding whether to keep things.

    I keep extra seasonal items (summer vs. winter skirts, dresses, tank tops vs. sweaters) hanging in a downstairs closet and then have a small tote in our storage room with things like shorts, bathing suits, and capris.

    I’m no fashionista though. I wish I lived closer. Cleaning closets and downsizing clothes is my love language! Clearly I need to get a life – haha.


  3. I love to get rid of stuff and will be doing a big clothing purge once I am back to my ideal size. I think if you haven’t worn something in several seasons, you probably won’t ever? I like Elisabeth’s suggetions above about consigning. That is what I did with my mat clothes and it felt better than taking them to goodwill where I fear they still end up in the land fill. But it can be a pain to consign clothes so I can understand why it’s not optimal. Our closet is big enough for all seasons so I don’t have to swap out but I do have to swap out for my boys’ drawers because they have such small dressers. But we are getting a new dresser for Paul soon so I won’t have to do that anymore.

    Yay for all kids being vaccinated! I am so envious! I hope my boys’ are eligible soon! I’m hoping for Q1 of 2022 but we’ll see.


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