Friday 5

Friday 5 (editing- Friday 3)

1- January 6th is Dia de los Reyes Magos in Mexico, or Three Kings Day. Aka, the Epiphany. There are a bunch of traditions that go along with this. Sadly, we (or Ivan, since this one is his domain, really) haven’t really practiced these much over the years. In Mexico, the “three wise men” deliver gifts on January 6th, so…

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A High/ Low & Challenge Day 6

High of this week so far: TV. Did anyone else happen to notice that the This is Us Season 6 premiere came out on Tuesday night???? 😃😃 We watched Seasons 1-5 this past year and loved it, so I was very excited for this. This is probably the first time I have excitedly awaited a new episode of a show…

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I still haven’t had time to finalize my 22 for 2022 list, which I started on New Year’s Eve. In a way I’m okay with it, because I feel like I’m sort of having a dry run/ trial week this week. I’ve been floating some of the ideas in my head, but not feeling any pressure to fully implement anything…

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2021 Workout recap + 2022 plan

Well, this was eye opening. If you had asked me, “Did you workout a lot in 2021?”, I think I would have probably answered, “Yeah, most days! Some stretches here and there I got off track, but overall, yes, more often than not.” But data doesn’t lie. 🙂 Here are my stats from 2021: *(small caveat- again, some days I…

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Back to School (part 2) + a tip

It’s Back to School Day, part 2, as I call it….Obviously the real “back to school” occurs in the fall, but heading back after winter break always feels like another “1st Day of School”. This was the lowest key of all low key winter breaks, ever! But that’s okay. I feel a twinge of guilt at not having somehow seized…

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