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I think I finally decided on a 2021 word. PEACE. It took me a while to land on it, but I’m glad I spent the last couple weeks mulling it over. The word has to “feel” right, and it can take time to figure it out. So, why “peace”? Last year, my word was “Intentionality” (post about choosing that one…

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My Aunt shared this photo on Facebook yesterday (shared originally from and I thought it was a perfect and fitting image for this time of year! A great reminder when making long term goals. Accomplishments- from my 20 in 2020 List I decided to NOT go through my 20 in 2020 List one by one, because it’s frankly a…

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New Year, Productivity

End of the Year: A To-Do List

After the long holiday weekend, let me just say it feels GOOD to me to be back at my desk before 6 am doing my morning routine. Holidays and vacations are amazing, but I really do miss my beloved mornings when I don’t have them, too. Only 4 more days left in 2020!!!! Wow. I love this little mini-season of…

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Thinking about

New month usually means new goals. Well, this month I don’t have any. This is currently how my monthly page in my notebook looks: Oh well. I’ll probably write something down, but I didn’t do the best on November’s goals so I can realistically just flip back a page and keep going…Ha. Basically this month though my goal is just…

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