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Good Things Thursday

 The week has been chugging along pretty quickly over here. It’s been a good week, I’d say. I have felt quite productive and generally very focused at work, despite having a lot of random balls in the air at home this week too. I have taken my social media time down to <30 minutes a day and also recently took…

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Covid + music

 One (kind of) positive aspect of COVID has been virtual piano lessons. I say “kind of” because I do not actually feel that piano lessons over Zoom are fully equal or preferable in any way to real, in person lessons. But, I have been surprised at how well they have gone overall and I think from the boys’ perspective, they…

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Weekend Vibes

 I’m apparently getting old and am losing my endurance for high levels of activity.  After our busy, fun-filled day on Friday, I just felt kinda lazy yesterday. It was another gorgeous day, and part of me felt like we should be heading out again somewhere to cherish it!! I briefly contemplated going hiking, biking, corn mazing, etc…but then decided, “Nah.” …

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  The kids crossing the field together. 💓 So beautiful. Like I mentioned, we took a little road trip yesterday to visit our old neighbors who moved away in August, out into the country 2 hours north of us. The boys and the little girl grew up together, and were best of friends. The tres amigos hadn’t seen each other since…

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Maybe it’s okay to let go sometimes…and, Travel Tuesday!

 I’ve had a thought rolling around in my head intermittently since a week or so ago when I listened to an episode of the podcast The Mom Hour. I believe it was Episode 279, titled “Home Learning Success Strategies + Our Kids’ Fall Schooling Update.” They were talking about how virtual learning was going for them currently- one host lives in…

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