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Weekend + Kid-free time!!!

This has been a really glorious weekend so far. Saturday I spent a bunch of time alone with the boys. Ethan had a soccer game an hour north of here at 9 am, but Ivan had to work for a bit so I took them by myself. Weather was really nice and afterwards we stopped at a huge antique mall.…

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The Murph, Memorial Day & More

Happy kickoff to Memorial Day weekend! I am working today but the boys have off. In true Wisconsin fashion, we are enjoying a summer-like start to the holiday weekend: Blows my mind that last weekend I was wearing shorts and a tank top and sweating in 88 degree temperatures, and yesterday was rainy ALL day and in the 40’s. What??…

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Scooter walks + Social culture

Scooter walk Yesterday morning we revived an old tradition- the scooter walk to school. Well, in their case, it’s technically to the bus stop, which is AT a school. Then they take the bus from there over to their actual school. We used to do this ALL THE TIME when they were younger. Previously they didn’t have to be there…

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An intermittent but persistent worry

I’ve been having this ongoing worry for a while now. Not something I sit and perseverate on or anything, but just something I think about, worry about for a little bit, then forget about for a while, and then it comes back. Last night Asher reminded me of it, so it’s back in my mind again. Long story short, the…

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Another milestone

Yesterday we experienced another milestone in our family. It was Ethan’s turn to get vaccinated, since he is 12. I had scheduled the appointment for 12:40 over his lunch hour, with the promise that I would take him to lunch quick before the appointment. We really didn’t have much time, and I also had a meeting at 1:15, so I…

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