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A very Mama Mia-full weekend

Weekend Recap: Friday night- Asher had swim practice from 6:20-7:35, so I drove him to that. After, Ivan and I went out for our pretty typical Friday night date night, to his friend's Mexican restaurant. We, as usual, got the chicken and steak "nachos fiesta", no sour cream, add raw jalapeno. If you're wondering if… Continue reading A very Mama Mia-full weekend

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Sunday list + Meal plan

Yesterday: Biggest accomplishment= I did our taxes!!! On April 10th. Plenty of time in advance...a whole 8 days to go til the deadline. 😆 We actually intentionally decided to do them "late" this year/ after our trip. It was just too busy in February with all my volunteer work stuff + trip planning, etc.... so… Continue reading Sunday list + Meal plan

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Looking like a good day

Last weekend, our first full weekend home, was pretty busy. Multiple volleyball games, soccer tournament, etc. So, I've been looking forward to this weekend, because we had literally zero plans on the schedule. (And looking ahead, most of the next weekends for....hmmm....eternity, don't look nearly this open.) Last night Ivan and I went out for… Continue reading Looking like a good day