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My favorite people at the gym

I was at the gym yesterday afternoon, doing a full body strength workout.

(My current plan includes 2 leg/ab days, 1 back/biceps day, 1 chest/shoulders day and 1 full body day. I was thinking yesterday- I think the full body days are my favorites. It’s enough variety that no single body part gets overly fatigued, and the variety is also just kind of fun. It is also possible that I like it because it just feels a little “easier” than hammering a single body part or two for an hour…. )

Anyway, digression. So I was at the gym, doing some walking lunges in an open space at the far end of the weight room. From there, I can see the walking track.

As I did my lunges, I saw this older man walk by. Actually, he was kind of shuffling by. He might have had a cane. I’m not sure, but he wasn’t moving all too fast. He was also wearing blue jeans and a plaid shirt, and suspenders.

This old man made my heart feel warm inside. He definitely didn’t look like the average gym goer, with Adidas gear and mesh shorts and what not.

But gosh darn it, he was out there with the best of them. He was on that track, getting his steps in, moving his body (however slowly he needed to, but he was still lapping everyone on the couch). The suspenders were just a nice extra touch. 🙂

I love to see people like this at the gym.

I also feel really proud whenever I see new people in the weight room, especially if they seem to be newer to lifting, or maybe are very overweight. The weight room can be an intimidating place for anyone, but I can imagine that if you are quite overweight, the weight room might be a VERY intimidating place. It’s just the reality that a lot of “hard core exercisers” tend to hang out in the weight room. You see all types there, of course, but there do tend to be more of the “extra fit” variety in there, I’d say, which could be intimidating to some people.

Whenever I see this, I feel like I want to yell, while fist pumping, YES!! YES!!! DO IT!!! YOU’RE AWESOME!!

(But instead, I usually just walk by them calmly, doing the little head nod/ quick smile acknowledgment that people do. Haha. I just cheer them on in my head.)

Maybe I’m projecting my own feelings on to them- maybe they aren’t uncomfortable or nervous at all. But I feel like I would be a little uneasy at first, in that situation. (I do tend to be a little nervous in new situations in general, especially where I feel like everyone else knows what they are doing, but I don’t… I would feel this same way if I walked into, say, a Cross Fit box (which I’ve never tried before), or worse! A YOGA STUDIO.).

In any case, I just think it’s great whenever you see people choosing to prioritize their health. I mean, it’s absolutely fantastic that the gym rat guy with the ripped abs is in there too! Clearly, he has been prioritizing his health for a while- and that consistency is admirable.

But I also love seeing the newer people, or the “less visibly fit” people, or whatever. I love to see all different people exercising their bodies in all different ways, doing whatever works for them, wearing whatever works for them (suspenders included). And I especially love seeing the older people out there still giving it heck, getting after it, not giving up without a fight. 🙂

Quote of the Day:

Life is way too short to be a grump.

*This might be a new favorite quote!! I love this. I am sure I can use this reminder from time to time.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for Asher having fun at a soccer “team night” at Culver’s last night to celebrate the end of their season. He had a good time. 🙂

14 thoughts on “My favorite people at the gym”

  1. Oh, you’d be just fine in a yoga studio! No worries!

    This post made me so happy. It’s nice to see people moving their bodies and trying to make themselves stronger, no matter where they are starting from. It does a soul good and I’m happy that it makes you happy and gives you a jolt of joy when you’re doing unending walking lunges!


  2. Yes! Frequently on bad weather days I’ll walk this track, and I make up a story in my head, like, yes, this man just came back from the doctor with bad numbers and his wife is making him do this, etc., etc. But one time, I was speedwalking and got lapped by one of these older guys! I made sure to compliment him when he was done.

    And, I was interested in your “body part division” so thanks for including. Running race on Sat. but then I’m going to shake things up a little bit.


    1. Our gym DEFINITELY has some very fit seniors! Not to be underestimated! There is this one lady- you’d probably recognize her- she plays VB and pickleball and is there all the time- who seems extremely active for her age!! I’m always impressed by her.

      Good luck in your race!! What’s the distance? That’s exciting!


  3. That old man sounds so sweet! That would make me smile, too! I am very intimidated by weight rooms. I always worry that others are critiquing my form. But it’s so unlikely that they are!

    I also think you’d be totally fine in a yoga studio. It’s so female-centric and people are generally extremely friendly and helpful!

    I like full body workouts, too. I don’t do them much these days but I liked them in the MM program. It makes me think of my bodypump days at the Y which is an excellent full body workout!


    1. I think everyone thinks everyone is watching them in the weight room, haha! I try to make a point to NOT stare at people, just in case anyone ever thinks that I am watching them! But sometimes it’s hard, because I just have to stand there resting in between sets, and I have to look somewhere!!


  4. I’m a yoga teacher and I would say that you would be 100% welcomed!

    I teach a lot of seniors’ yoga, and so I am naturally biased in that I love seeing seniors doing things to improve their health and well-being. I love that guy in the suspenders! And I love seeing beginners at the gym/ yoga class. We are all beginners at one point!


    1. I think if I ever went to a real yoga studio, I would definitely start with a “beginner” class!! I’d probably feel ok then. But I just am not flexible at all and am definitely not a “yogi”…. ha. It does sound lovely, though. Maybe I’ll have to try sometime….


  5. I always choose the full body workouts over the “specific muscle group “strength workouts LOL (could be due to both the reasons that you mentioned).

    The little story about the older gentleman at your gym made me smile. I’d imagine that he worked up some courage to go to a gym to get his steps in (after all, he could just walk outside?!)…. but maybe he feels the positive vibes at the gym?
    I befriended an older gentleman back in my pre-Covid gym days (he’s funnily enough the only person from the gym I have kept up with over the last 2+ years) and I just loved seeing him come in and hop on the treadmill next to me at 5:30 am in the morning! I even got him to join one of the spin classes with me a few times. It’s just nice to acknowledge that you can move your body at any age! 🙂


    1. I love that story about your old man friend! There are quite a few semi-older guys that I have gotten to know in the weight room, too. I actually really enjoy chatting with them. There’s one guy who has older boys/ now adults, and I get a kick out of hearing his side of things as a “been there, done that” dad with kids that have long flown the nest now, and he always asks about my boys, school, etc… I think he enjoys reminiscing about my current stage a little. 🙂


  6. i fully agree with you. I love seeing people of all ages, background and fitness level doing their best.
    weight room could be intimidating and I see more people here in our building (beginners) with a coach which is a great way to start and to keep on track.


    1. I also see many people start out with a trainer. I agree that is a great way to sort of break the ice, gain comfort with exercising in the weight room, using the machines, etc. After 12 sessions or whatever, I’m sure people feel a lot more confident to continue their program on their own.


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