Back to exercise

When we got home from vacation this past Sunday, I intentionally told myself I wasn’t even going to think about exercise for at least a few days.

I know how much effort it takes to get back in the swing of real life again, so I just completely removed that from my plate. (I think in the past I would have pushed myself to jump back into everything on day 1, but not anymore.)

I eased back in with some light walking, then finally did a “real” workout yesterday.

This week:

Sunday– home from vacation

Monday– nothing

Tuesday– the kids’ last day of summer break. We went on a short scooter walk (15 minutes) on a morning work break. Otherwise, nothing else.

They scoot ahead a little, then wait for me, repeat. I’m grateful they will still walk with me! I hope they might still walk with their old mom for a long time yet.

Wednesday– no formal exercise besides walking to meet them from the bus (approx. 20 min round trip.)

Thursday– Went on a morning solo + podcast walk right before the kids got up for school.

Also, planned for Thursday to be my 1st day of doing a real workout. I had briefly started the MBF Beachbody program (“Muscle Burns Fat”) right before vacation but only got through 6 days of it.

When it came time to workout, I grabbed the workout calendar and realized that where I had left off pre-vacation meant the next workout up would be a 25 minute “rest/recovery” workout. Hmmm. I toyed with the idea of just skipping it and doing the next one (a leg day), but it annoys me to skip workouts (and miss checking one of the boxes off?? Blasphemy! 😆). So, I said, you know what? A stretching workout after 2 1/2 weeks+ with no workouts might be an nice way to ease back in anyway! So that’s what I did.

Friday- another short walk right before school, then a lunch break leg workout. (I am already feeling it!! When I strength train regularly I rarely get very sore anymore, but take a couple weeks off and your muscles love to remind you of the fact….).

Cloudy/foggy Friday morning, but warm and humid. Big flock of geese took off from the pond, all honking loudly, and flew RIGHT at me!!

This MBF program seems okay. Not probably my favorite ever but it’s alright. It’s only a 3 week program (and I’m on week 2). I’m thinking about trying AGAIN to jump back into the gym for some workouts a few days a week, to get back into my old lifting routines. Now that the boys are (hopefully) back in school full time, it might be a good time. I gave up this summer. It was just too crazy.

I have grown so accustomed to the ease of home workouts (so much quicker!), though, but I’m not sure I want to permanently give up the gym (and what I consider to be “real” strength training… which I also honestly feel is ultimately superior to video style strength training (in my opinion!)).

We’ll see! I’m thinking I might do what I was attempting last spring- strength train x3 in the gym, 2 more cardio style Beachbody workouts at home, 1 recovery/stretching day, one day totally off/walk. (I used to always do at least 4 strength days in the gym, but I’m not sure I want to commit to that again right now. 3 gym/3 home feels like a nice balance at the moment.)

What are you doing for workouts these days??

Daily gratitude: I am grateful that the boys had a great first week of school! They both seem very content overall with how the year is shaping up.

3 thoughts on “Back to exercise”

  1. sounds like a smart way to ease back to workout. I’ve slowly transition to think workout for mental health than for physical health, so if it stresses me out, then I shouldn’t do it. Also, during the 3 months break from running, I realized I don’t need running to “survive” or feel good/strong. I feel free not obsessing about it when I can’t run.
    nowadays, I’d run 3-4-5 days depending my energy level with Sofia or alone, short distance and maybe one long run from time to time, and then do 30-45 min body weight strength exercise 5-6 times a week. I feel the strongest this way and less stress. And also, when I don’t feel like exercising one day, I don’t, I’d do gentle stretch instead.


  2. Well you know all about what I am doing after our long email exchange last week! I’ve only done 3 morning madness workouts. I got the stomach flu on Friday night so that wiped me out for the weekend. I hated missing my long run but it was not possible. 2nd time I’ve had the stomach flu in 4 months! So not fair! I did like the 3 workouts I’ve done so far. It’s just going to take a long time to get through the 100 days with my running and need for rest days! But I’ll get through it eventually, and at a better clip once the weather is colder.

    I have never been good at using weights at the gym. I find it overwhelming and have a hard time coming up with workout routines. So I much prefer the video-based strength training workouts. But the alternative is running only, which isn’t great! I can see why the video-based workouts are less appealing since you are used to challenging yourself with weights in the gym! I think this is where not being an athlete maybe comes into play for me! At this point, I can’t imagine when I would get a gym membership again. It sounds like such a hassle for this stage of life and I don’t think it would be well-utilized!


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