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Hi from the beach!

Just popping in here to say HI from Panama City Beach! We left home Saturday morning and drove to Tennessee by that evening, staying overnight in a hotel. The next morning we hit the road again and stopped for lunch in Montgomery, Alabama. We originally had planned to just grab Subway or something at any old place off the highway,…

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Challenge Accepted

Finally! After 2 cancellations, Asher was finally able to complete the 1.2 mile open water lake swim yesterday. Maybe things really do work out how they’re supposed to, because the conditions yesterday could not have been any better.We had full sunshine, no wind and warm temperatures. The lake looked SO beautiful!!  I’m really, really proud of Asher for doing this. When…

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Our (very) brief stint as dog owners ;)

YAWN. Sleepy morning over here and kind of a funny one, too.  Last night a couple of Ethan’s friends came over for a bonfire as sort of a mini birthday party with friends- though “party” is a very loose term here, as it was just a small gathering of the boys playing outside mostly. Ethan got a bunch of water…

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