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Solo Ethan weekend & more camp

This is one of those times in life that feels like, what’s the saying?? A beautiful mess? Everything has felt a bit chaotic and hectic over the last couple weeks (actually, couple months, really), but so much of it is so GOOD! So this isn’t a complaint. 🙂

Let’s see…so, I got home from swim camp on Thursday night with Asher. (Trying to think where I even left off!) Ethan spent the whole last week at my parents’ house and had a blast with them. They brought him home Thursday afternoon in time for his end of the year soccer party (was supposed to be for kids and parents, but I just could not make that work this time. At least Ethan got to go.)

Friday was a little crazy too- my parents were here (my Dad was helping us with some electrical work in our garage…we have had this ongoing garage finishing project which has turned into a major pain in the butt- and has been the cause of some annoying stress. It’s one of those situations where it didn’t HAVE to be this way, but certain workers did not do what they were supposed to do, creating a massive headache for us. Anyway. Hmph.).

I had to unpack everything from swim camp, and then turn right around and pack up Asher yet again to head to Des Moines, Iowa for the weekend with Ivan (for a swim meet). He had to work in the morning and got home by ~2:00 to head out. They took Ivan’s brother, too, so despite being kind of exhausted from camp, Asher was excited to go. I was actually happy to sit this one out.

a pretty sweet pool! Pic sent from a friend, taken during a warm-up session (hence a million people swimming at the same time).

After the meet session on Saturday morning, they walked over to check out the Iowa State Capitol building. This room is pretty cool looking!

My parents left on Saturday afternoon, so I had the evening alone with Ethan- which is pretty rare. We ended up making homemade nachos (to prove to Ivan that I can ALSO make good tasting nachos (they are sort of his specialty)).

We watched a new Netflix movie called Blue Miracle. I highly recommend it! We both loved it. It’s based on a true story and takes place in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (a place Ivan and I have vacationed, and I saw some scenery I recognized which is always fun). It’s about a Mexican young boys orphanage and their unlikely partnership with a fisherman (Dennis Quaid) in a quest to save the orphanage…and maybe the rugged fisherman along the way. 🙂 One of those very touching, inspirational movies. Definitely want to watch again with Ivan and Asher.

We got him all packed up for camp, too.

I’m grateful the camp provided a packing list, because that made it very simple to pack.

By Sunday afternoon Ethan and I headed out for camp (Ivan and Asher weren’t home yet). Ethan seemed ready to go! Two of his best friends are in the same group/ bunk as him, so I’m sure they are going to have so much fun.

The camp is only about an hour away, so not too bad. I got him all checked in and dropped off with no issues. He didn’t seem sad at all- maybe slightly nervous/ awkward, but he gets like that sometimes initially in new situations.

The packing list had said to bring stationary/stamps to write home… he said, “I’m not doing that. What’s the point?? By the time you get the letter, I’ll be home!” Hmph. Then when we arrived, I asked if he would at least use the email service to send me a note. Then he said, “I don’t want to take time out from having fun to write you an email!!! I’ll just tell you all about everything when I get home on Thursday.” hahaha. Thanks a lot, kid….

at drop-off

I’m hoping for a pretty quiet week around here while he’s gone. I have a ton of work and other stuff to get to, so I’m hoping Asher will be happy to lay kind of low after his whole busy week away (between camp and the Iowa meet).

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful that Ethan got into this camp week with his two best buddies. It can be tricky to coordinate, so I’m grateful this worked out for him. 😊

2 thoughts on “Solo Ethan weekend & more camp”

  1. Oh Ethan! Too funny about the lack of desire to write to you guys! Sounds like he may take after dad in terms of being very practical. That sounds like something my husband would say because he is also extremely practical. I’m practical, too, but also would feel guilty not writing to my parents! I hope Ethan has a great week. We didn’t really get to do camps when I was young but it’s something I would have loved. I did do Music Camp up on the border of ND/Canada but I was a little older when I did that. I loved it and went for 2 weeks the last year I went! Although maybe I was around Ethan’s age when I did that camp? It’s all such a blur.

    I hope you get a quiet week and a chance to catch up on life. You guys have been busy!!! What a drastic change from a year ago! My schedule is starting to fill up a bit more but it’s stuff I’m excited for – like a girls dinner tonight after I put Will down and book club in person at a park on Wednesday night.


    1. Haha, I know! It definitely would be just like Ivan to be off at camp and NOT care to write or call home. 😉 He’d probably say the exact same thing- “I’ll just tell you about it when I get home!”


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