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Writing down things I accomplished

I was thinking this morning, as I filled out my little daily journal page….I am so glad I started including a section of “things I accomplished”. I’ve been doing this religiously for a couple years now.

I’m currently sitting in my car outside a morning swim practice, so I don’t have my journal with me and can’t share a pic. But know I have before, anyway. It’s just a small section where I draw a green checkmark. Below it, I have space for a few short bullet points.

Today, I wrote (about yesterday):

  • Took kids to dentist appointments
  • Signed Ethan up for soccer tryouts
  • Drove A to swim/ drove E’s soccer carpool

Honestly, besides work stuff, this is about the extent of what I “accomplished” yesterday.

It doesn’t really look like a lot, but it really makes me feel good to scan over my week and see what the heck I actually did. Especially on days that might feel unproductive- I like being able to see that I did, indeed, do SOMETHING.

Or, on the other hand, if my week feels insane, I can look and be like, Well, yep, that’s because I got groceries, cleaned the ktichen floor, drove people 1,500 places, paid bills, planted flowers, organized my sock drawer and filled out camp forms, all in the span of 3 days. Or whatever.

Soccer tryout signup ended up taking a really long time last night, too, in my defense. (Ethan is only going to be in 8th grade next year, but a majority of kids from his current team are starting high school. So his team is basically unraveling, as those 9th graders will not play club soccer next fall and instead will play for the HS team… they aren’t sure his club will even have enough kids for a 2008 team next year. Meaning, he is trying out at 3 different clubs in the area, in the hopes of finding something that will work so he can still play. Also meaning, we get to pay the annoying $25 try out fees at 3 different places, even though he can obviously only play on ONE team….Anyway. It’s just a weird transitional year for him, given his grade/ birthday.)

Sign up meant filling out all sorts of contact info and medical forms, etc…just for tryouts!! I also had to crop and upload a headshot photo for each club. I used this one. Cute, right? 🙂

Today feels a little wonky schedule-wise. Since Asher is at morning practice (and it’s at a pool 20 minutes from home…), I got up early and logged a good hour of work already. Now I’m here, and went for a walk. (Now sitting in car, waiting. There’s about 15 minutes left in practice.) Then I’ll go home and resume work. A little strange, but man I’m grateful for the flexibility to be able to do this.

Cal Newport and I went for a little walk. (No, not really….just listened to his podcast…. obviously….;) )

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for my phone’s personal hotspot! Love the option to connect my laptop to internet wherever I am. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Writing down things I accomplished”

  1. That is a good idea to write down accomplishments for every day. I write down accomplishments through out the month in the monthly review section of my W222 but it’s bigger things. But it would probably be helpful to write down the little stuff so I can remind myself how much I do each week!

    In the last day of school post, I forgot to comment about the boys’ growth over the year! It’s nice that the wreath in the background was the same so you can really see how much they grew!!


  2. i do something similar, I write down to do list if I do it in the morning, if i didn’t, i’d do what i’ve done at night. it does feel more satisfying to know what i did, to feel i didn’t wasted my day 🙂


      1. This IS genius. Such a good idea. I always try to remember these sort of things after the fact, but it would be so much easier to have a running list…


  3. Smart move to write down accomplishments. Sometimes days “disappear” and you wonder what the hell you actually did … but most of the time, you were productive, even if you didn’t notice 😉


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