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School’s out for summer

Every year, I can’t help but start singing AC/DC’s “School’s Out for Summer” on the last day. It’s such a classic beat and the lyrics are, well, very fitting. 🙂

School’s…..out….for….summer! (dun dun dun dun dun dun dun)…. (that’s supposed to be the drum beat. 😆)

6th and 7th grade are over.

1st day on the left, Last day on the right. (Asher should have been on the left! I didn’t look at the 1st day pic until later…).

Sometimes I get some real emotional feelings on the last day of school…similar to on their birthdays, when I just feel more acutely aware of the passing of time.

I didn’t really get that feeling this year! Maybe it’s because I wasn’t at the school, like I sometimes am. So I didn’t witness all the kids saying goodbye to the teachers, etc. (They always have a “field day” event with outdoor games on the last day, and I have volunteered at it other years. I didn’t this year, though.)

In the past, at their old school, they always had a half day on the last day. When they were younger, we used to always do something special for the afternoon, like go out to lunch and then to play mini-golf, or to a movie.

They had a regular dismissal time at 3 pm this time, so I just picked them up from the bus and we went to get ice cream. This has been our most recent tradition.

Ethan and I each tried the special “Girl Scouts Thin Mint” blizzard. Asher went with the…Dirt pie blizzard? Or something like that. Had chocolate and Oreo crumbs and gummy worms.

Then we just went home! We did make some fun plans to go out later to celebrate the last day.

Ethan had a good friend come over and after Ivan got home we all went to a restaurant with an arcade inside. We got pizza and the boys all played games for several hours!! (We got the unlimited play cards.)

Ivan and I sat in the bar area for a while and had a beer. We half watched some of the Brewers game on TV, half poked around on my phone brainstorming/ pre-planning some potential spring break 2023 vacation ideas.

Eventually we all ended up in the arcade playing games. 🙂

Asher and I played many rounds of Skee Ball. He was oddly and impressively great at hitting that top 10,000 point hole!
Ethan and his friend
Air hockey tournament
I lost. 😦
This Connect 4 basketball game was super fun.

We didn’t leave until after 10 pm!! I think it might have been after 10:30, actually. I finally was like, LET’S GO. I have to work tomorrow, party people….

I think it was a nice kick off to summer break for them, though. 🙂

Today is a total lazy day for them- we aren’t starting any “summer routines” of any kind yet (which are somewhat TBD, anyway…). Obviously no scheduled activities today, either, with Memorial Day weekend upon us. E’s friend slept over and they are just hanging out right now. Probably a whole lot of nothing-ness is going to happen. Which is okay with me!

I remember that amazing feeling of the first days of summer….Ahhhh, to go back to that care-free life…..

I, on the other hand, have to work. And later, I want to go to the gym. And we also need groceries. :/

Thought of the Day:

The trick is to be grateful when your mood is high and graceful when it is low.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for this full year of school, in person, after the tumultuous last couple of years. I am also grateful for them safely completing another year. After the events of this week, my stomach has been in absolute knots over what happened in Texas. Just horrifying. I’ve had to turn the news off- can’t even bear to watch.

5 thoughts on “School’s out for summer”

  1. I don’t remember summer break from middle/high school but from university – those first few days after finishing final exams were The Best. I still think about the relief and joy every year when our local university lets out and I’m secretly slightly sad I don’t get to experience that again (no desire to go back to that stage BUT…that was a silver lining).


  2. Summer breaks were nice, weren’t they? I wish they’d still be mandatory for adults, too. We need breaks too! LOL Glad you had such a good start into the summer break with the boys!


  3. I had mixed feelings about summer break as a kid… but I lived in a rural area so did not have access to friends – or not easy access at least. I was always VERY ready to go back to school in August! But I LOVED school so I might have been an outlier in feeling that way about summer break. My kids summer breaks will be so different as they’ll be in a program through school or maybe we will have a nanny when they are both out of school? They’ll probably do tons of fun things!

    We had blizzards this weekend, too. We both both pb cup blizzards on Sunday night after the kids were in bed. I had suggested going in the afternoon but Phil wanted to get them after the kids were in bed and I was willing to eat them at any time. 😉


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