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Summer school surprise

So, on Monday evening, after his first day “home alone” (Ethan’s at camp) and his first day back from swim camp/Iowa meet, Asher declared, “I can’t wait to go back to school. Just being home is kind of boring. Can I do summer school???”

I was like, “Wait, what?!”

I honestly hadn’t even really talked to him much about summer school this year, because I had sort of just assumed that after swim camp, several weekend long swim meets, swim practice every night, then sleepaway camp in August + our family vacation, plus piano/band lessons in the mix, he would be down for some major “chill” time during the month of July.

Guess not!! So, after confirming that he was serious, I went on to our district’s summer school site, joined the “wait list” for late entry (it officially started last week) and sent off an email, too. To my surprise, I heard back right away and by 11 am on Tuesday, he was enrolled to start today! (Wednesday)

It runs from 8:10- 12:55, Monday- Thursday, with a break between classes for lunch, too.

Usually summer school is just comprised of 3 “fun” or enrichment classes, like art, science, etc. But apparently this year the district decided that ALL kids would take one reading/math class, and then just two enrichment/fun classes. (Presumably to help offset any backward slide from less than ideal schooling situations during the pandemic.)

Not a bad idea! Asher wasn’t thrilled to hear that, but oh well. He’ll be fine. 🙂

His other two classes are a Pinterest Craft class and a Drawing Exploration class. He likes art a lot, so this is good. But he was hoping for one art class and then either the Mad Scientist or Young Engineers class, but I guess they were full. (He’s always concerned that the art classes will have “only girls” in them…which is not a big deal to him, really- he gets along just fine with girls his age- but he’s hoping for some guy friends, too.)

I’m just grateful he got in! It will run through July 22, so about 4 more weeks.

It’s interesting to me that he wanted to sign up… I know Ethan was literally appalled when I even mentioned summer school once. He was like NO! NO! NO!!!!!!! And then here’s Asher, all excited to go. So funny how kids are different.

(I think Ethan just really relishes a lot more “downtime”, likes to just chill at home, read, play with his friends, play his video games… But also, Asher doesn’t have any friends right here in the neighborhood, like Ethan does. Ethan goes off pretty much every single day for big chunks of the day with his friends. When Asher is home, he’s mostly just here alone…which I can see is maybe kind of boring since I’m working most of the day….).

Sometimes he goes with Ethan and his friends, but they’re kind of at that age where they are wanting some separation in their “friend time”, too.

I did take off for lunch yesterday to go to Chipotle with Asher (his request). We need groceries so badly. There was nothing particularly appetizing in the house, so even though lunch out was not in my plans, I let him “twist my arm”. (Admittedly, it is also pretty extremely easy to get me to agree to go to Chipotle, anytime. LOL. I love Chipotle.)

The only bad thing? (Not really, but sort of): Now we are back to a more set morning routine! Up, breakfast, ready, out the door, etc by a certain time for summer school. Oh well! The structure is actually kind of nice. 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful that there was space for Asher in summer school, especially being so last minute.

10 thoughts on “Summer school surprise”

  1. That looks like such a good lunch! Going back and forth from our camping trip, our kids fell in love with Arby’s. LOL.

    Glad you were able to do some quick summer school moves. We realized I was only signed up for 2nd and 3rd period, with lunch in between, and somehow missed the memo on math/literacy enrichment. Since 2nd period starts at an odd time, we taught him to ride his bike to and from the school. Somehow, I missed the bussing info, and got a pass issued, but it will actually take the bus a longer time than the bike ride. Aiyiyi.


    1. Lol oh well! I never read the summer school stuff initially either, since I wasn’t planning to do it! So some of my questions to the lady via email probably seemed a bit ignorant. Oops. Hehe.


  2. That’s great that you were able to get Asher into summer school. Is he going to return to the private school, where they went this year, or will they be going public next year?? I cant believe that tomorrow is the start to July. Where has the summer gone already??

    Did you end up making it to the grocery store? My friend sent me a picture of her son this morning working on the “grocery” list because mom had been “slacking”! Haha. Can you imagine what was on the list … snack cakes, chips, sugary cereal, ice cream … basically all the junk … his rationale … it was on sale in the paper! HAHA!


    1. We moved our boys to a private school a couple years ago now, so it was before the whole Covid fiasco began! So they will stay there as we love their school.

      No groceries yet! 😬😬😬 I swear I’m going to go first thing tomorrow morning though, before work. I scrounged up some frozen chicken for today. Good enough, lol! My boys have made me lists like that before too! I like for them to shop with me, so they get that experience, etc, but let me tell you- when they come along it ends up costing a bit more…Haha.


      1. (The summer school is through the public schools though (we are still eligible since we live in the district and pay taxes and stuff), so Asher said today he got to see some of his old friends from before he switched schools! Kinda cool!)


      2. Yikes! Well, I will be hitting the grocery store tomorrow morning in hopes of avoiding all of the fourth of july overshoppers! I am not doing anything for the holiday weekend so I just want to be able to get my groceries and avoid the crowds!
        Let me know if you get anything fun at the store tomorrow! 🍕🥯🥓🍦🍪🍰


  3. I think it might be that he craves structure.. thus summer school sounds like a good way to give him comfort that way. Crafting and art sounds great for kids.
    love the spontaneous lunch date too, they are the best.


  4. I would have gladly gone to summer school, too, if that was an option. I was so bored in the summer since there weren’t many kids that lived around me and I ended up having to do a lot of chores like cleaning and mowing. I probably still would have had to do them, but would have enjoyed going to summer school and seeing friends! Glad he was able to get a spot in summer school, though!

    Mmmm that Chipotle looks so good. I need to treat myself to some soon!


  5. I actually, um, did a summer camp for people who loved school. Two years of it – LOVED it. I can completely understand where Asher is coming from! I hope he’s enjoying it and that he thinks it was a good idea to sign up. I’m in awe of anyone who has artistic talent, as I have none. 🙂

    No Chipotle for me – I live near one and can smell it. That’ll turn you off to anything (even Chipotle…). Sigh.


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