Gratitude, Wisdom

A simple reminder

“If you live complaining, life will give you more things to complain about. If you live giving thanks, life will give you more reasons to be thankful.”

Two things I’m grateful for today:

Ethan living the good life, visiting the White House!
A crisp, pre-dusk walk with Ivan last night, ending at the soccer field to pick up Asher from practice. And, this little duck couple was adorable.

7 thoughts on “A simple reminder”

  1. What a great quote to share! I appreciate that I could translate about 1/2 of the words in the quote. Duo lingo has really been helping me! 🙂

    2 things I’m grateful for: first, my book club ladies. We had book club last night and it was so much fun! Our club felt like it was dying off in the last couple of years but now that we are meeting in person, it’s breathed some life back into the club! Second, I’m thankful for my healthy kids who have a great zest for life. Paul is my little effervescent child who gets excited about things and is generally really positive!


    1. That’s so exciting about your book club!!! I have never been in a proper book club. I tried a virtual book club through work last year, and I really liked the motivation to read a book before the meeting. But then I got busy and skipped a couple…and I think it eventually disbanded! 😦 People are just busy, I guess. A normal book club sounds fun to me, but it would have to be with the right people for me, I think! The idea of having to host and stuff sort of stresses me out, too, especially if it was in the middle of a busy week…but I can totally see the appeal!! So glad you had a good meeting!


  2. “If you live complaining, life will give you more things to complain about. If you live giving thanks, life will give you more reasons to be thankful.”

    Couldn’t agree me. I think I’ve gotten better at spending less time complaining and more time looking for things to be thankful for – because almost always I can find ways to spin a situation around to find reasons for gratitude. I doesn’t mean I can’t be upset or have to slap a happy face onto everything. There will be bad days and awful challenges. It’s more a quiet intentionality about finding perspective and paying attention to all the good that is around me. It’s there – I just have to take the time to look for it. And I do think that this practice involves muscle memory. The more I train myself to complain less/be thankful more, the easier it gets!


  3. For those of us who are not naturally cheery, this is such a good reminder that the more we try to cultivate gratitude, the more we will notice to be grateful for.


  4. Excellent quote in theory… now, can I actually DO it? Hmmm…
    I am trying to remember to be grateful for things that are unexpected and potentially disruptive… vs. pushing back against them. Not always easy but (nearly) always worth it.


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