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An irritable Friday morning but working to re-frame :)

I woke up feeling “edgy’ today. Probably just the cumulative effect of the busy week + the swim meet kicks off tonight + I am so tired of looking at my email inbox and dealing with stuff and people.

My mood/ state is one where everything is just irritating me this morning, and I need to SNAP OUT OF IT. I have a work meeting at 8:30 and some sign-in sheets for the meet to print for the meet over my lunch hour and I need today to be smooth and productive. Not whiny/ crabby/ cranky.

On the bright side, I’m going to focus on the fact that I have decided to take a vacation day on Monday!! An “elf day”, as I think some people call them- a day off to tackle lingering holiday tasks.

I get a couple floating holiday PTO days due to Christmas falling on the weekend, and I’m going to cash one in. You might ask, Why not take the vacation day today, with the meet starting tonight, etc? Wouldn’t that make things feel easier?

Well, perhaps, yes. But I don’t want to waste my perfectly good vacation day being tied up in a mini-stress ball and dealing with last minute swim meet stuff. I want to enjoy my vacation day, to relish in the fact that the meet and all the work is over (on Monday). I also specifically do not want to take my vacation day after next Wednesday, once the kids are on break. Sorry kids, but what I really want is a whole day, to myself, in my house, with no one else home. To do whatever I want. (Which is going to be: watching a Christmas movie, by myself, while wrapping gifts in front of the fireplace. Ahhh. I cannot wait.)

On a more positive note, the snow yesterday was pretty:

Tree in my backyard

Back to a negative note, I feel a bit bad because the boys were off all day and I did literally NOTHING with them in the entire day. 😦 I had a totally scatterbrained type workday (perhaps my mental state got thrown off by the no school day? I don’t know). I ended up on the phone a ton, and just feel like I spun my wheels all day and was busy all day yet barely got anything done. Blah.

I also feel disappointed that I didn’t get outside to enjoy the snow for even a minute. I thought maybe we’d go on a snow walk…. nope. Maybe go in the hot tub in the snow…. nope. Maybe we’d at least read together by the fire before bed at least? Nope, nada. Ivan and I did sort through all the Christmas gifts one last time last night to get a final status update/ inventory, so I think I’m situated to start wrapping now.

The boys seemed to have a fun day, anyway. Asher was off sledding and at a friend’s house (very grateful to the mom for picking him up/ dropping off!!! It was such an unexpected and much needed treat to not have to drive anyone anywhere, in the midst of my very mediocre day). Ethan walked to the gym and met up with friends there for the afternoon.

Ethan also cleared the hot tub area for me in the evening, in shorts and boots, because why not. That was nice of him.

And then, in the midst of my kind of flustered day, I saw this post which was a very lovely reminder:

Perception is a key component to gratitude.”

I love that. 🙂

Okay, it’s go time. Need to change out of this red hoodie I’m wearing before my on-camera meeting. LOL.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for paid vacation time off. Going to add my day off on Monday to my work calendar now….

4 thoughts on “An irritable Friday morning but working to re-frame :)”

  1. I’d never heard of these flex days before Christmas being called Elf Days, but I LOVE it.

    I hope you have a GREAT time wrapping gifts, watching a movie, and sitting in front of the fire. It sounds amazing ❤


  2. Gorgeous snow picture! I hate scattered days like the one you described — they feel so unnecessarily stressful and unproductive. Hopefully today is better and your day off goes perfectly (it sounds amazing!).


  3. Try not to feel bad about not engaging with the boys on their snow day. You had A LOT going on. You’ll have other snow days. Parenting is so different these days. I have no memories of my parents playing in the snow with us! I remember my dad taking us to sledding days for 4H but that’s kind of it. But I was the 4th child of 5 so I would just be sent outside with my siblings. When I was older and had snow days, my parents would go to work and come home at lunch. We’d be left to fend for ourselves and were probably given some chores to do. Ha!

    Enjoy your elf day today!! A day off alone in the house is a wonderful thing!!


  4. An “elf day”… I love that. And I totally understand that you wanted to take the day off on Monday specifically… I would have done the same 😉


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