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I am grumpy this morning.

However, I’m going to refrain from dumping my grumpiness into the blogosphere, because…well, I don’t really see the point right now. All that might accomplish is spreading more grumpiness, and if you are not grumpy right now, I don’t want to infect you with my grumpiness. 🙂

Besides, I already wrote them down in my Gratitude/ Bummer section of my daily planner page…for reference, today’s had 4 “Bummer” bullet points compared to only 1 for “Gratitude”. Oops. I usually aim to list no more than 1 Bummer for every 3 Gratitudes. Oh well. Some days that’s how it goes.

You know what actually is kind of therapeutic for curing grumpiness? Looking up images on the internet that represent the word “grumpy”. Grumpy is a pretty funny word, and conjures up some entertaining facial expressions.

There’s the infamous Grumpy Cat, of course. His face is perfection:

Then there is the Dwarf, Grumpy, who is too cute to actually be grumpy!

Or, you can find an adorable grumpy baby on a blanket:

selective focus photography of grumpy face toddler sitting on plaid pad taken during daytime

Anyway, grumpiness is relative, also. The reasons I am grumpy are exceptionally minor when I set them next to what is going on in Eastern Europe, for example. I am sure that people in Ukraine right now would gobble up my grumpy issues and be absolutely thrilled to trade places with me. ❤

Really, I’m fine. I’m just a little grumpy. I’m sure it will go away in a little while.

On a positive note, James Clear’s newsletter had some good ones this week.


“The more precisely you define the problem, the more easily you can find a solution.

“I feel bad” can have a million causes.

“I didn’t sleep much last night and I haven’t exercised in a week” has a very straightforward answer.”


Rabbi, physician, and philosopher Moses Maimonides on thinking clearly:

“Accept the truth from whatever source it comes.”

Source: Shemonah Peraqim

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful that I’m in a safe place. And that my “problems” are really small potatoes right now.

2 thoughts on “Grumpy”

  1. So this quote: “Accept the truth from whatever source it comes.” reminds me of an issue that’s been heavy on my mind this week as I look at the Ukraine situation. With their state-run media in Russia, Putin controls the narrative and for example tells Russians that Ukrainians are Nazis, even though their president is Jewish! It has made me think about how grateful I am to live in a democratic nation with a free press. It’s made me think about what is truth/fact and how it can be manipulated so easily and can cause so much damage! Even though “fake news” was thrown around a lot in the last several years and various news sources are very slanted, at least we have multiple sources of news that aren’t controlled by our government!!

    I’m sorry you are feeling grumpy. I hate feeling that way. I was very grumpy last night when bedtime took a ridiculously long time as Paul has been insisting we stay in his room until he falls asleep. I saw that you asked SHU what would happen if they didn’t stay until the kids fall asleep. In our case, Paul will not stay in bed. He will come out of his room and try to come downstairs if we don’t stay in his room! Before our trip, we would read books, say goodnight, and then I would leave his door open and come and check on him in 10 minutes. Most of the time he was asleep by then, or very sleepy. But he will not let us do checks anymore. So last night I was in his room from 7:35-8:55. The night before was somewhat similar, except Phil read and then I sat in his room until he fell asleep. I’m hoping this is a brief phase because I really miss having time at the end of the night to talk with Phil/watch a show/etc. So this whole change has made me VERY GRUMPY.


  2. this is a funny post… I’m glad that you turned your grumpiness into a fun post and also aware how minor is the cause of your grumpiness. I do have these days too, especially when combined/caused by PMS, like now. hahah


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