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A strange household disaster

 I ended up missing my blogging window yesterday morning, thanks to a watermelon.

Yes, a watermelon ruined my morning yesterday. Hmph. I have a pretty bad habit of buying large fruit items that require chopping and then letting them sit on the counter for many days before actually getting up the gumption to spend 10 minutes slicing/dicing/chopping/storing it. 

Usually this is no big deal, besides the annoyance of having the large fruit sitting out all week glaring at me, knowing I am procrastinating. 

Apparently the watermelon I brought home last time must have been half rotten or something? I have no idea. All I know is that I walked into my kitchen at 6 am and there was literally a pool of watermelon juice everywhere. All over the countertop, into the mail filing basket, down the cabinet, saturating my rugs, ALL over my (brand new!) flooring. I couldn’t believe it! It looked like someone had pierced the melon and water had just shot out of it like a geyser. A royal disaster. 

I spent an entire 65 minutes cleaning this up, obliterating the 6-7 a.m. hour that I was planning to use to blog/ plan my day/ drink my  tea in peace. I was extremely irritated, but I did try to catch myself and find the good in it….

-thank GOD we went with the luxury vinyl flooring instead of wood. The vinyl floors are practically waterproof and have been an amazing choice for a kitchen with all of the inevitable “wetness” that seems to occur in there. 

-fortunately, my cabinets seemed unscathed after a wipe down

-I had plenty of old rags and towels available to clean up with

-I didn’t have to rush off to work/ get ready to go to work. I shudder to think how the day would have looked if I had encountered that before racing off to a 0700 shift at the hospital.

-I have a handy dandy washer and dryer that I was able to use to wash all the towels (plus every single one of my kitchen rugs).

RIP watermelon. Lesson learned, you win. Next time, cut the damn thing right when I get home from the grocery store. 

I will admit I was a bit frazzled after the clean up, so after I dropped the kids off for school, I swung by this beautiful marsh just a mile from my house. It was a chilly morning and I was wearing sandals, so I just sat in my car with the heat on for a few minutes and regrouped a bit before heading home to get going on my work day. I should really go there more often. đź’“

I also had some leftover Chicken Parmesan for lunch, which definitely hit the spot, too. 

Picture from dinner Thursday night. This seriously turned out SO GOOD! Everyone loved it. Made a random weeknight dinner feel pretty special, actually. I made a quick homemade Alfredo sauce for the pasta which was delicious too. 

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful that the household disaster above didn’t end up being more than a serious irritation. I am also grateful for credit cards. I had to get gas the other day during Asher’s swim practice and I was thinking how nice it is that we don’t have to go into the gas station to pay. In fact, I just paid from my phone using the BP app with a linked CC. Sometimes I have my qualms about technology, but it sure does have its perks. 

2 thoughts on “A strange household disaster”

  1. hahahah… I wondered why you missed blogging yesterday. A watermelon disaster… I laughed it when i read it but I know how frustrating it could be to start the day with an unpleasant surprise ruining your morning routine and calm. I also like to buy big watermelons… i don't know why, maybe subconsciously I think they're usually better than smaller ones. I don't cut them at once, but just 1/4, and then small pieces and store the rest. glad you made it not to affect you the whole day. A good meal can definitely cheer you up.


  2. What in the world! It's like the watermelon exploded! That is so terrible and such a mess to clean up since watermelon is sooo sticky! I can see why this threw your morning off!! I'm glad it didn't do any permanent damage, though.


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