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To do list & Mexico planning

Not sure why I sometimes find it oddly therapeutic to share my to-do list with the world, but, I do. 🙂

With our Mexico trip coming up relatively soon, I’m feeling a little pressure to make sure I have my back-to-school ducks in a row before we go. When we get back, it will be crazily close to the start of school already. And we have to go to Ivan’s friend’s wedding like 3 days after we get home, and I need a pair of new dress shoes before then.

I don’t have that much to do, just some random stuff.


  • Order the boys’ school supplies!!
  • Mail Asher’s cross country sign up form (sitting filled out on my desk…). He was a little unsure if he wanted to do cross country again. He liked it overall last year, but the truth is, he really doesn’t like, um, running. 😆 Nevertheless, all of his friends are doing it, so he has decided he wants to, too. It’s an easy one to fit in (practices are right after school) and just twice a week. The meets are low key. It’s cheap. I told him to go for it! If nothing else, it’s good exercise.
  • Get Ethan new soccer cleats before soccer camp next week. He is GROWING! Finally. None of his shoes fit. (I think Ivan actually ordered shoes already. But I will list this here anyway so I can feel good crossing this off my list.)
  • Inventory “travel toiletries”. I know I need a little bottle of contact solution. I think I’m pretty stocked on my makeup items, lotions, etc. See if kids need anything. Travel always seems to equal a Target run or two or three.
  • Get a good book for the trip! Definitely not taking my ginormous Tribe of Mentors (which is textbook sized practically!) on an airplane.
  • Finalize our weekend getaway plans for while in Mexico. We are planning a few nights away in Tepoztlan. This is a “pueblo magico” (a town designated by the Mexican government as a “magic town”- their designation for beautiful/ special places that deserve tourism). It’s a couple hours south of Mexico City.

Obviously it’s late in the game here, and I’m having a bit of a hard time figuring out lodging. It’s not a big town at all! And Ivan’s parents will come along, and possibly one of his cousin’s families. Trying to decide between renting a house (not a lot of inventory left at this point… and some seem oddly SUPER expensive), or just going with a hotel.

I should have booked sooner- some cool places are already sold out though. Ugh. (This was kind of a last minute idea here.)

We can climb that mountain in the picture, up to some ancient ruins, which sounds awesome, and explore a few other things. Not a ton to do there but it looks like a beautiful place to just wander around town. We’ll also go to Cuernavaca, a bigger city which is nearby, too.

I’m feeling a little crabby about potential crummy weather during our trip… We usually never go to Mexico in August- we generally always go in March, over spring break time. With our Europe trip in March this year though, it just worked out to go to Mexico in August this time. NEVER even crossed my mind that August is rainy season in Mexico! DUH. Ivan never mentioned it either, despite having lived there for approximately 25 Augusts. 😏

I mean, it is what it is. I’m sure it will be fine. I don’t think it rains like, all day, every day. But when we go in March, the weather is always PERFECT. Anyway, the main focus of the trip is visiting family, etc. Would be worse if planning a week at the beach and it rained every day- which we aren’t this time.

Ivan tells me I just always look for something to worry about. But that can’t possibly be true. 😂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for having multiple sinks in my house. Another random one, but have you ever thought about if you had only one sink in your entire house??? Pretty grateful to have…let’s see…. SIX sinks, I think, in our house.

2 thoughts on “To do list & Mexico planning”

  1. That town in Mexico looks so cool!! I hope you can find accomodations that work out and aren’t too expensive! And hopefully the rain is just part of the day, like storms that come in at 3 and blow over pretty quickly?

    You have a lot going on and summer will be over before you know it, but then that means going back to a more predictable schedule with the kids being in school which is maybe a good thing? And you’ve still got 1-2 months of nice weather even when the kids are back in school. I try to remind myself of this. I’m programmed to think summer is half over around the 4th of July since I went back to school in mid-August. But my kids will always go back after Labor Day, and won’t finish school until the 2nd week of June so I need to ‘reset’ my thinking of when summer is over/half over!


  2. Tepoztlan sounds very cool… I am sure you worked out the lodging situation (I will know by the time I’m caught up with your blog ;))… but yeah, hotels seems to be expensive EVERYWHERE right now.


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