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Some complaints + gratitude :)

The end of this week has felt overwhelming to me. Despite our heat wave, which has been a welcome change, and has made everything feel nice, bright and very "summery". But I don't know, I just feel...overwhelmed. My brain dump list from last week has remained untouched, except I've thought of a bunch of things… Continue reading Some complaints + gratitude đź™‚

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Heat wave and teens/compromise

It's Hot We've entered summer, apparently, here in Wisconsin.... never mind that just last week we seemed firmly on the outskirts of winter. Spring just never showed up this year. It was 90 degrees yesterday. !!!! I heard on the news that it was actually a record high temperature for May 10. I finally caved… Continue reading Heat wave and teens/compromise

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Workday appointments, resisting temptation and spider dreams

Good morning....I've been up since about 4:18 a.m., when I woke suddenly from dream. In the dream, I had felt a little something under my pillow. So, (in the dream), I of course moved my pillow, and found dozens of SPIDERS crawling all over the bed! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like, big, black, disgusting spiders!! Ivan and I… Continue reading Workday appointments, resisting temptation and spider dreams