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Am I spending 1/3 of my life on my phone??

I was texting with a friend/co-worker yesterday, and she said something that made me stop in my tracks for a second. It wasn’t anything novel or new, and it wasn’t even totally accurate, but it stuck with me all day and overnight. We were talking about all the constant negativity online and just how overwhelming it all is. This particular…

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Bedtime Woes and Bad Habits

Last week I wrote a post about habits, so this has been on my mind all week. I’ve noticed a couple “bad habits” sneaking into our household a bit during this lock down time. Maybe it’s not even really fair to call them “habits”- more like “routines that might not be the best to continue long term”. 😊 One of…

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Atomic Habits

“I have the bad habit of….” or “I wish I had the habit of…..” or “Ugh, I shouldn’t do this, it’s such a bad habit…”   This is a great podcast in general! Check it out.  I am fascinated by the topic of habit formation and have read a few books on it lately. A few weeks ago I listened to…

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Today’s Three Things

I ran across a great productivity tip this past week that I’m really loving! It is called “Today’s Three Things.”  The idea is that each morning as you get organized for the day, you pick three things that you want to accomplish that day. It doesn’t have to be work-related or even something traditionally “productive”. Just 3 things that you want to…

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‘Meditation May’

Morning! Today is a much needed rest day from working out, so I have a little extra time this morning. I might sneak in a little yoga at some point if I get a chance and I’m hoping to go for a walk. This is also a half/ flex day of work for me so I’m looking forward to a…

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